Category disambiguation evaluation against manual reference

This page shows the results from evaluating Category disambiguations against reference data that was annotated manually. Only words that had at least two alternatives in the disambiguation are included (for the others the result should be unambiguous). Thus, the correct percentage in the resulting data is much higher than this due to the many unambigious cases.

Latest Category evaluation

In the current data set, 2072/3412 cases (60.73%) were disambiguated correctly for all senses.

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Error details

AbrahamismDruzeEnglishynA member of this community.
AbrahamismDruzeEnglishynOf, relating to, or to this religious community.
Acanthus family plantsأذن الأرنبArabicynrabbit ears (Ruttya fruticosa)
AccountingcreditingEnglishnypresent participle of credit
AdvertisingwerbenGermanynto promote, advertise
AfricaAfricaEnglishynsub-Saharan Africa
AgriculturewarzywnikPolishynvegetable grower; vegetable farmer
AgriculturewarzywnikPolishynvegetable garden
AgricultureáchVietnamesenyto stop
AgricultureܦܠܚܬܐClassical Syriacynworker, peasant
AgricultureসারBengaliynmanure, dung, fertilizer
AgricultureChineseynto till land; to cultivate
AgricultureChineseynpaddy field; wet field
AgricultureChineseynfarmland in general; field
Agriculture耕耘Japaneseynplowing and weeding
Agriculture耕耘Japaneseynto plow and weed
Agriculture𐌰𐍃𐌰𐌽𐍃Gothicynharvest (yield of harvesting)
Agriculture𐌰𐍃𐌰𐌽𐍃Gothicynharvest (season of gathering the ripened crop)
AirthởVietnameseynto breathe out; to exhale
AirthởVietnameseynto breathe
AircraftdroneNorwegian Nynorsknydrone (male bee)
Alcoholic beveragescoscorrónSpanishynalcoholic beverage, usually tequila, mixed with soda and served in a little thin glass that is consumed in one shot after hitting the bottom of the glass against the table
Alcoholism貪杯Chineseynto drink to excess; to binge-drink
Alcoholism貪杯Chineseynto be excessively fond of drinking; to have a predilection for alcohol
Amaranths and goosefootsروثةArabicynnarrow-leaved saltwort (Nitrosalsola vermiculata, syns. Salsola villosa, Salsola vermiculata)
Amoebozoal diseasesamoebiasisEnglishynAny of various such diseases; most especially
Amoebozoal diseasesamoebiasisEnglishynAn infectious disease caused by the parasitic protozoan Entamoeba histolytica; amoebic dysentery.
AmphibianspererecaPortugueseyntree frog (frog of the family Hylidae)
Anatidsၜိုပ်Monynan equivalent for Pali haṃsa / swan
Anatidsၜိုပ်Monynan equivalent for Pali haṃsa / goose, duck
AnatomycolannScottish Gaelicynflesh
AnatomyfingerdocceOld Englishynfinger muscles
AnatomyfuvuSwahiliyna skull (bone of human head)
AnatomylymeMiddle Englishynorgan, body part
AnatomylymeMiddle Englishynlimb, extremity of the body
AnatomynatisLatinnydative masculine plural of nātus
AnatomynatisLatinnydative feminine plural of nātus
AnatomynatisLatinnydative neuter plural of nātus
AnatomynatisLatinnyablative masculine plural of nātus
AnatomynatisLatinnyablative feminine plural of nātus
AnatomynatisLatinnyablative neuter plural of nātus
AnatomyrũgaKikuyuynsinew, tendon
AnatomyteřichCzechynpaunch, potbelly
AnatomyJapaneseynhair, fur
AnatomyJapaneseynhair, fur
Anatomy𐌷𐌻𐌴𐌹𐌳𐌿𐌼𐌰Gothicynleft (left hand; the left side)
Ancient GreeceplatónicoSpanishynPlatonic (of or relating to Plato and/or his philosophical doctrines)
Ancient GreeceplatónicoSpanishynPlatonist
Ancient Near EastエルサレムJapaneseynJerusalem (the claimed (and de-facto) capital city of Israel; the claimed capital city of Palestine)
Ancient Near EastエルサレムJapaneseynKingdom of Jerusalem (former Crusader kingdom of the 12th and 13th centuries, in modern-day Israel and Palestine)
Ancient RomekvestoroEsperantoynquaestor; a Roman public official
Animal body partsbaenawtäkiKhumi Chinynbuffalo horn
Animal body partsbaenawtäkiKhumi Chinynhorn
Animal body partsgaysaAfarynhorn
Animal body partskotwiczkaPolishyncardo
Animal body partsróżekPolishnDiminutive of róg
Animal body partsróżekPolishynsmall horn (growth on the heads of certain animals)
Animal body partsstifleEnglishynTo cause (a dog, horse, or other four-legged mammal) to dislocate or sprain its stifle joint.
Animal soundsbrummogHungarianynto growl (to utter a deep guttural sound, as a bear or certain other animals)
Animal soundsbrummogHungarianynto growl (to produce a low-pitched rumbling sound)
Animal soundsకిలకిలTelugunysound of laughter.
Animal soundsకిలకిలTeluguynchirping of birds.
AntssisiyQuechuanyto assemble in large numbers to undertake a task
Apiales order plantslerthAlbanianynivy (Hedera helix)
Apiales order plantslerthAlbaniannyfield garlic (Allium oleraceum)
AppearanceestéticaSpanishnhair salon, beauty shop
AppearanceestéticaSpanishynfeminine singular of estético
AppearancepulchritudoLatinynbeauty, attractiveness
AppearancepulchritudoLatinyna beautiful thing
ArithmeticգումարեմOld Armenianynto add, sum
Asparagales order plantsChristmas bellsEnglishynA plant in genus Blandfordia, flowering plants native to Australia.
Asparagales order plantsdesert candleEnglishynEremurus gen. et spp.
Asparagales order plantsшырышKazakhynfoxtail lily, Eremurus
AstronomyEridianEnglishnya theoretical inhabitant of the dwarf planet Eris
Astronomyyá’ałníí’Navajoynthe zenith
AthletesbowlerEnglishnyA bowler hat; a round black hat formerly popular among British businessmen.
Atmospheric phenomenaبرقPersianynelectricity
Atmospheric phenomenaMiyakon
Atmospheric phenomenaMiyakoynrain
Auto partsگازPersianynaccelerator (accelerator pedal)
AutomobilesSelbstfahrerGermanynan automobile
AutomotiveстартерRussianynstarter (electric motor that starts an internal-combustion engine)
Baby animalsWelpeGermanynpuppy (male or of unspecified sex) (young dog)
Baby animalsWelpeGermanyncub (male or of unspecified sex) (young of several wild animals)
Baby animalsarcIrishynpiglet
Baby animalsleoncinoItalianynlion cub
Baby animalsleoncinoItalianynsmall lion
Bankingแบงก์Thaiynbank (financial institution).
Barangays of Santander, Cebu, PhilippinesTalisayCebuanoyna barangay in Santander, Cebu
Barangays of Toledo, Cebu, PhilippinesPoblacionCebuanoyna barangay in Toledo, Cebu
BarsbarCzechynbar (a business selling beverages)
BarsbarCzechynbar (the counter of such a premises)
BeddingunlanCebuanoyna pillow; a soft cushion used to support the head in bed
BeddingunlanCebuanoynto lay one's head on a pillow or onto something used similar to a pillow
BeekeepingludLower Sorbianynbee colony
Beloniform fishbillfishEnglishnyAny of several fish, of the families Istiophoridae and Xiphiidae, that have an elongated jaw.
Beloniform fishbillfishEnglishnyOther fish with elongated jaws: / gars (Lepisosteidae)
Beloniform fishbillfishEnglishnyOther fish with elongated jaws: / northern pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus, Syngnathidae)
BerriestarnośliwaPolishynblackthorn (Prunus spinosa)
BerriestarnośliwaPolishynsloe (fruit of Prunus spinosa)
BerriesvadszederHungarianynblackberry (a fruit-bearing shrub of the species Rubus fruticosus)
BerriesvadszederHungarianynblackberry (the soft fruit borne by this shrub, formed of a black (when ripe) cluster of drupelets)
BeveragessodaSpanishynsoda (soft drink)
BeveragesалкохолMacedonianynalcohol (organic chemistry sense)
BeveragesалкохолMacedonianynalcohol, alcoholic drink (intoxicating beverage)
BibleevangeliumNorwegian Bokmålyngospel (the teachings of Jesus Christ)
BibleЖүсіпKazakhynYusuf, a prophet in Islam, equivalent to Joseph (see Joseph in Islam)
Biblical charactersAbrahamMiddle EnglishynAbraham (prophet)
Biblical charactersAdamNorwegianynAdam (biblical figure)
Biblical charactersAdamNorwegiannyA male given name.
Biblical charactersEvaCzechynEve (wife of Adam)
Biblical charactersMariaDanishynMary (Biblical character)
Biblical charactersPaulusLatinnyA cognomen of the Aemilius clan.
Bill and Hillary ClintonClintonistEnglishynA supporter of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton.
Bill and Hillary ClintonClintonistEnglishynPertaining to the politics of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or their supporters.
BiologystymulacjaPolishynstimulation (sensory input)
BirdsgåsungeNorwegian Bokmålyna gosling (young goose)
BirdsܩܪܩܣܐClassical Syriacyngreat vulture
BirdsܩܪܩܣܐClassical Syriacynraven, crow
BirdsმამალიGeorgiannymale animal, bird or insect
BirdsმამალიGeorgianyncock, rooster
Birds of preygladaSwedishyna kite (bird)
Birds of preykáněCzechynbuzzard
Birds of preykáněCzechynbuzzard chick
BluesturkoosiFinnishynOf turquoise colour.
Bodily fluidsmjesečnicaSerbo-Croatianynmenstruation
Bodily functionspooEnglishynAlternative spelling of pooh: an instance of saying "poo".
Bodily functionspooEnglishynFeces.
Bodily functionspooEnglishynA piece of feces or an act of defecation.
Bodily functionspooEnglishnyChampagne.
Bodily functionspooEnglishynAlternative spelling of pooh: to say "poo".
Bodily functionspooEnglishynTo defecate.
Bodily functionspooEnglishynTo dirty something with feces.
BodyarsMiddle Englishynarse, anus
BodyarsMiddle Englishynbottom, buttocks
BodyarsMiddle Englishynplural of art (“(area of) knowledge”)
Body partsagtangCebuanoynthe forehead; the part of the face above the eyebrows and below the hairline
Body partsagtangCebuanoynthe mons pubis
Body partsjituSicilianynfinger
Body partslapalapaCebuanoynthe sole of the foot
Body partsضهرSouth Levantine Arabicynback (of the body)
BodybuildingflexEnglishynThe or an act of flexing.
BodybuildingflexEnglishnyAny flexible insulated electrical wiring.
BodybuildingflexEnglishnyFlexible ductwork, typically flexible plastic over a metal wire coil to shape a tube.
BodybuildingflexEnglishnyA point of inflection.
BodybuildingflexEnglishynTo repeatedly bend one of one's joints.
BodybuildingflexEnglishynTo move part of the body using one's muscles.
BodybuildingflexEnglishynTo tighten the muscles for display of size or strength.
BooksknihaCzechynbook (a collection of sheets of paper bound together to hinge at one edge)
BooksknihaCzechynbook (a major division of a published work)
BooksliberLatinnyunbiased (pertains to lawyers)
BooksliberLatinnyfirst-person singular present passive subjunctive of lībō
BookslibrarieMiddle Englishynlibrary, reading room
BookslibrarieMiddle Englishynarchive, collection (of texts)
BooksnaaltsoosNavajoynpapers, documentation, printed material: / book
BooksspineEnglishynThe narrow, bound edge of a book that encloses the inner edges of the pages, facing outwards when the book is on a shelf and typically bearing the title and the author's and publisher's name.
BooksܕܦܐClassical Syriacnydiptych
BooksܕܦܐClassical Syriacynleaf, page, column
BooksܕܦܐClassical Syriacnybrook
BotanygeteeqSemaiynbark (of tree)
BovinesboiGalicianynox; sometimes bull
BrassicasкочанRussianynhead of cabbage
Breakfast cerealsCheeriosEnglishynA toroidal toasted oat cereal made by General Mills.
BreastfeedingweaningEnglishynpresent participle of wean
BreastfeedingweaningEnglishynThe (passive) process of a child or animal ceasing to be dependent on the mother for nourishment.
Buddhism승복KoreanynBuddhist monk's robes
Buildings and structuresbrógPolishynhay barrack
BurialsepulcroSpanishyngrave, tomb
Burial火葬Japaneseynto cremate
Caesalpinia subfamily plantscarobEnglishynThe fruit of that tree.
Cakes and pastriesbignèItalianynbeignet, fritter
Cakes and pastriesbignèItalianynpuff (pastry)
Cakes and pastriesbignèItalianyncream puff
Cakes and pastriescharlotteFrenchyncharlotte (dessert)
Card gameskulørDanishynsuit (each of the sets of a pack of cards distinguished by color and/or specific emblems)
Card gamesжандарSerbo-Croatianynknave, jack in playing cards
CarriagestrapEnglishynA light two-wheeled carriage with springs.
CatfishbullheadEnglishynany of a variety of related species of generally dark-colored catfish in the family Ictaluridae. / The black bullhead, Ameiurus melas.
CatfishbullheadEnglishynany of a variety of related species of generally dark-colored catfish in the family Ictaluridae. / The brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus.
CatfishbullheadEnglishynany of a variety of related species of generally dark-colored catfish in the family Ictaluridae. / The yellow bullhead, Ameiurus natalis.
CatfishbullheadEnglishnyA fish of species Gobiomorphus gobioides.
CaviomorphsagoutiEnglishynA rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs, of the family Dasyprocta.
Celery family plantsbranca ursinaPortugueseynhogweed (an umbelliferous plant of the genus Heracleum)
Celestial bodiesmweziTumbukaynmoon
CephalopodsنوتيArabicynnautilus, a marine mollusc of a spiral shell
CetaceansdauphinFrenchyndolphin; the animal used as a charge
Chemical elementscadmioItalianyncadmium
ChemistryneutraleItalianna neutral
ChickensпетлеBulgarianynDiminutive of пете́л (petél, “rooster”)
ChickensпетлеBulgarianynmale chicken
ChildrenchamacoSpanishyna boy or teenager; a male youth
ChildrenchamacoSpanishyna kid (in general)
Chinese中文ChineseynChinese (language) / written Chinese
Chinese中文ChineseynChinese (language) / spoken Chinese, including all dialects and varieties
ChristianityPentarchieGermanynthe Pentarchy
ChristianitypopericheMiddle Englishynpontificate, term of a pope
ChristianitysermounMiddle EnglishnyA language; a form of speech used by a speech community.
ChristianityیرمیاہUrduynBook of Jeremiah
ChristianityیرمیاہUrduynJeremiah, a prophet; author of the Book of Jeremiah and the Lamentations
Christianityयहेज़क़ेलHindiynBook of Ezekiel
Christianityयहेज़क़ेलHindiynEzekiel (Biblical prophet)
ClothingcoteMiddle EnglishynA coat, especially one worn as an undergarment or a base layer.
ClothingeaddeeynManxynplural of eaddagh
ClothingensembleEnglishynA coordinated costume or outfit; a suit.
ClothingkötőHungarianynapron (an article of clothing worn over the front of the torso and/or legs for protection from spills)
ClothingvestNorwegian Bokmålyna waistcoat
ClothingwristerEnglishynA knitted wrist covering
ClothingрукавицаRussianynglove (covering four fingers together), mitten, mitt
ClothingتيابSouth Levantine Arabicynplural of توب‎ (tōb)
ClothingتيابSouth Levantine Arabicynclothes
CollectiveschoirEnglishynSinging group; group of people who sing together; company of people who are trained to sing together.
CollectiveschoirEnglishynOne of the nine ranks or orders of angels.
CollectivespoczetPolishynfellowship, retinue
CollectivespoczetPolishynA unit of soldiers.
CollectiveszrzeszeniePolishynaffiliation, organisation, association
Collectives人丁Chineseynadult males
Collectives人丁Chineseynpeople; population (people living within a political or geographical boundary)
Collectives人丁Chineseynmale servants
Collectives警察Chineseynpolice; police force
ColombiaサンタフェJapaneseynSanta Fe
ColorsblancFrenchynwhite color
ColorsblancFrenchynwhite (color)
ColorsmagentaFinnishynmagenta (pinkish purple colour)
ColorsquilpalliClassical Nahuatlynthe color of plants and verdure; bright green, leaf green, emerald.
ColorsverdoEsperantoynthe color green
ColorsانگوریUrduyncolored of green grapes; light lime (color)
ColorsअरुणSanskritynthe colour of the dawn, dark red, or the mixture of red and black
CommunicationprzekręcaćPolishynto call (to contact by telephone)
Compass pointsmajjistralMalteseynthe northwest
ComputingemailEnglishynA quantity of messages sent through an email system.
ComputingemailEnglishynA message sent through an email system.
ComputingemailEnglishynAn email address.
ComputingemailEnglishynTo send an email or emails to.
ComputingemailEnglishynTo send (something) through email.
ComputingemailEnglishynTo send, or compose and send, an email or emails.
ComputingtablaSpanishyntable (grid or matrix, in a book)
ConifersборBulgarianynpine, pine tree
ConifersелаBulgarianynfir tree
ContainerskazettaHungarianyncase (a small ornamental box)
ContainerskazettaHungarianyncoffer (an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome)
ContainersжитницаRussianyngranary (storage facility)
ContainersжитницаRussianynbreadbasket, food bowl
CookingsalpebrarCatalanynto season with salt and pepper
Cookingstir-fryEnglishynTo fry quickly in hot oil whilst constantly stirring, especially in a wok or similar pan.
CookingvařitCzechynto cook
CookingvařitCzechynto brew (about beer)
Coronavirusstay-at-homeEnglishynOf rules or regulations, forbidding the populace to leave their domicile except under emergency or other special circumstances, especially for purposes of quarantine.
Coronavirusstay-at-homeEnglishynOf or relating to quarantine in the home.
Coronavirusstay-at-homeEnglishnyNot ever travelling or moving far from home.
CorvidskruczekPolishynDiminutive of kruk
CosmeticsлосьонRussianynmakeup remover
Counties of China互助ChineseynHuzhu Tuzu Autonomous County (county in Haidong, Qinghai province, China)
Countries in Europeドイツ連邦共和国Japaneseynthe Federal Republic of Germany (official name of former West Germany)
Countries in Europeドイツ連邦共和国Japaneseynthe Federal Republic of Germany (official name of current Germany)
Cranes (birds)mũrũaruKikuyuyncrowned crane, golden crested crane, Kavirondo crane (Balearica sp.)
CrimefilchEnglishynTo illegally take possession of (especially items of low value); to pilfer, to steal.
CrimefilchEnglishynSomething which has been filched or stolen.
CrimefilchEnglishynA person who filches; a filcher, a pilferer, a thief.
CrimefilchEnglishynA hooked stick used to filch objects.
CrimelugosCebuanoynto rape; to force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon (someone) without their consent
CrimenuthookEnglishynA thief who steals by means of a hook.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynA fugitive from the law.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynA criminal who is excluded from normal legal rights; one who can be killed at will without legal penalty.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynTo declare illegal.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynTo place a ban upon.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynTo remove from legal jurisdiction or enforcement.
CrimeoutlawEnglishynTo deprive of legal force.
CrimereincidentePortugueseynrecidivist; repeat offender (one who falls back into prior habits, especially crime)
CrimereincidentePortugueseynwho is a repeat offender
CrimerouboPortugueseyntheft (act of stealing property)
CrimerouboPortugueseynrobbery (the practice of robbing)
CrimerouboPortugueseynloot; swag (burglar’s or thief’s booty)
CrimełupieżPolishynplunder, robbery (act of plundering or robbing)
CrimełupieżPolishynplunder, loot (proceeds of acts of plundering or robbing)
CroakersyellowfinEnglishynAny of various fish with yellow fins. / yellowfin croaker (Umbrina roncador, in family Sciaenidae)
CrustaceansulangCebuanoynthe giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
CrustaceansuyapCebuanoynany of several tiny shrimps in the genus Acetes: / the tsivakihini paste shrimp (Acetes erythraeus)
CrustaceansuyapCebuanoynany of several tiny shrimps in the genus Acetes: / the Taiwan mauxia shrimp (Acetes intermedius)
CrustaceansuyapCebuanoynany of several tiny shrimps in the genus Acetes: / the alamang shrimp (Acetes sibogae)
CultureoqaluttuaqGreenlandicynmyth, story, legend, narrative
CutleryvilicaSerbo-Croatianynfork (for eating)
CyprinidsuklejkaPolishynDiminutive of ukleja.
CyprinidsuklejkaPolishngenitive/accusative singular of uklejek
Dairy productsjunketEnglishnyA feast or banquet.
Dairy productsjunketEnglishnyA press junket.
Dairy productsjunketEnglishnyTo attend a junket; to feast.
Dairy productsjunketEnglishnyTo go on a junket; to travel.
Dairy productsjunketEnglishnyTo regale or entertain with a feast.
Dairy productsమీగడTeluguyncream (the fat part of milk which rises to the top; this part when separated from the remainder)
Dalbergieae tribe plantshagadCebuanonthe narra tree (Pterocarpus indicus)
Dalbergieae tribe plantshagadCebuanonthe wood from this tree
Daturasditch weedEnglishynDatura stramonium (jimson weed).
Daturasditch weedEnglishnywild marijuana, usually a type used for hemp production, eg, Cannabis sativa var. sativa.
Days of the weekSabadoCebuanoynSaturday
Days of the weeklobiiniKlamath-ModocynMonday
Days of the weekΣάββατοGreekynSaturday
Deathdeath sentenceEnglishynAnything that spells death.
DeathroadkillEnglishynthe killing of an animal by a road vehicle
DeathroadkillEnglishynthe animal(s) so killed
DeathroadkillEnglishnya helpless victim
DeathunderworldEnglishynThe world of the dead, located underneath the world of the living; the afterlife.
DeathقتلArabicynto kill, to slay, to murder
DeathقتلArabicynto be killed
DeathقتلArabicynto kill, to massacre, to cause carnage
DeathقتلArabicynverbal noun of قَتَلَ‎ (qatala) (form I)
DeathقتلArabicynverbal noun of قُتِلَ‎ (qutila) (form I)
DeathقتلArabicynkilling, manslaughter, homicide, murder
DemonymsFriesDutchyna West Frisian specifically; a speaker of the West Frisian language
DemonymsFriesDutchnyShort form for various names relating to Friesland or Frisians, such as the bovine race.
DemonymsFriesDutchynFrisian (any member of the Frisian people)
DemonymsFriesDutchynWest Frisian specifically (of the Frisian part of the Netherlands)
DemonymsFriesDutchnyspecifically, West Frisian
DemonymsNumidianEnglishynan inhabitant of Numidia
DemonymscanberranoSpanishynCanberran (native or resident of Canberra, Australia)
DemonymscasentineseItaliannyof or pertaining to Casentino
DemonymscerdàCatalannyOf or pertaining to Cerdanya.
DemonymsceutíCatalannyOf or pertaining to Ceuta.
DemonymsliparotaItaliannyof or relating to Lipari or the Lipari people
DemonymsmonfortinoSpanishynsomeone from Monforte
DemonymsñublenseSpanishynsomeone from Ñuble
DenmarkRandersDanishynRanders, a port on the River Guden. The second-largest city in Region Midtjylland and sixth-largest city in Denmark.
DenmarkRandersDanishynThe capital of the eponymous municipality in which it is located.
DessertsgyümölcsízHungarianynjam, jelly, marmalade
Desserts最中Japanesenythe middle, midst, during
Desserts最中JapanesenyA female given name
Dioscoreales order plantsChinese yamEnglishynThe tuber of the vine, used for food; nagaimo, Chinese potato.
DipteransczerwPolishynThe larva of certain hymenopterans, dipterans, and beetles, e.g. a maggot or woodworm.
DirectiveschesenMiddle EnglishynTo choose; to select. / To choose to do.
DirectiveschesenMiddle EnglishnyTo prefer; to desire.
DirectivesdetteMiddle EnglishnyThe state of debt; the condition one is when one has a debt or monetary obligation.
DirectivesdetteMiddle EnglishynSomething which one is obliged to do (by law, society, or belief): / Sex (i.e. as something which one's partner requires of oneself).
DirectivesdetteMiddle EnglishynSomething which one is obliged to do (by law, society, or belief): / Death (i.e. as something which the nature of humanity requires of oneself)
DirectivesdetteMiddle EnglishynSomething which one is obliged to do (by law, society, or belief): / The requirement to fight back against one who has hurt oneself.
DirectivesdetteMiddle EnglishnyHaving a debt or monetary obligation or having people owe debt towards you.
DirectivesdeweMiddle EnglishynFitting, correct, suitable; enough for some end: / Required, obligated or necessary (especially as custom)
DirectivesdeweMiddle EnglishynSomething which is expected, customary or suitable.
DirectivesdeweMiddle EnglishynSomething which one is obligated or duty-bound to do.
DirectivesfiatEnglishynAn authority for certain proceedings given by the Lord Chancellor's signature.
Directives信號燈Chineseyntraffic light
Directives信號燈Chineseynsignal light; car indicator
DiseaseskʼáakʼYucatec Mayaynsmallpox
DiseaseskʼáakʼYucatec Mayaynmeasles
DiseaseskʼáakʼYucatec Mayayncold sores
DogsKerberosCzechynCerberus, three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades
DogsсобачкаUkrainianynDiminutive of соба́ка (sobáka): / puppy
DogsсобачкаUkrainianynDiminutive of соба́ка (sobáka): / doggy
EducationcomharraichScottish Gaelicnycorrect (e.g. teacher)
EducationcátedraSpanishynseminar room
EducationscoilIrishynschool (educational institution)
EducationundergraduateEnglishynOf, relating to, or being an undergraduate.
EducationéducationFrenchyneducation (all meanings)
Elateroid beetlesnotopodEnglishnyIn Latreille's system, a brachyurous decapod crustacean, such as a crab of the genera Homola, Dorippe, Dromia, Dynomene, Ranina.
EmotionschaSwahiliynto fear, be afraid
EmotionscollywobblesEnglishynAnxiety, fear, uneasiness.
EmotionscumhaIrishynsadness, sorrow
EmotionscumhaIrishynlonging, homesickness
EmotionsfebleMiddle EnglishynSad, grieving (because of misfortune or bad luck)
EmotionswoebegoneEnglishnyIn a deplorable state.
Emotions激動Chineseynto become excited; to be emotional
Emotions激動Chineseynto excite; to stir; to agitate
Emotions激動Chineseynexcited; emotional; nervous
Emotions鬧心Chineseynagitated; troubled; annoyed; vexed
English cardinal numbersquattuorvigintillionEnglishyn10⁷⁵.
English cardinal numbersquattuorvigintillionEnglishyn10¹⁴⁴.
English unisex given namesGlennEnglishynA male given name transferred from the surname, fairly popular in the middle of the 20th century.
English unisex given namesGlennEnglishynA female given name transferred from the surname.
English unisex given namesKimberleyEnglishynA male given name transferred from the surname or place name (site of a battle in the Boer Wars).
English unisex given namesKimberleyEnglishynA female given name transferred from the surname, variant of Kimberly, popular in the 1960s and the 1970s.
English unisex given namesTempleEnglishynA male given name from Latin.
English unisex given namesTempleEnglishynA female given name from Latin.
EquidsحصانArabicnstallion, stud, sire
EthicsvertuleesMiddle EnglishynImmoral; lacking a sense of ethics or morality.
EthnographytautībaLatvianynethnicity, nationality (membership in a certain people, nation, or country)
Even-toed ungulatestiaMaoriyndeer
Exercisebunny hopEnglishnyA ground ball that hops along the field instead of rolling.
Exercisebunny hopEnglishynAn exercise whereby the person crouches on their haunches and then extends their legs and springs up, jumping vertically into the air like a rabbit hopping.
ExonymsDouar an TanBretonynTierra del Fuego (island between Chile and Argentina)
ExonymsDouar an TanBretonynTierra del Fuego (archipelago between Chile and Argentina)
ExonymsFlandersEnglishynThe County of Flanders, of varying extent.
ExonymsFlandersEnglishynA subnational state in the north of federal Belgium, the institutional merger of a territorial region and the Dutch language 'community' which also has/shares some authority in the capital region Brussels.
ExonymsFlandersEnglishynTwo provinces in Belgian Flanders: (West-Flanders and East-Flanders).
ExonymsFlandersEnglishynShort for French Flanders, a former province of the French kingdom on territory taken from the above countship, now constituting the French department Nord.
ExonymsFriburgoItalianynFribourg (a canton of Switzerland)
ExonymsFriburgoItalianynFribourg (the capital city of Fribourg canton, Switzerland)
ExonymsGenoaEnglishynA province of Liguria, Italy.
ExonymsGenoaEnglishynThe capital city of Liguria, Italy, and also of the province of Genoa.
ExonymsGenoaEnglishyna maritime republic in northwestern Italy that existed from the 11th century until its disestablishment in 1797 when Napoleon formed the Ligurian Republic, a client state; Genoa briefly regained independence in 1814 before becoming quickly annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1815.
ExonymsMườngVietnameseynthe Muong people, a minority ethnic group in mountainous regions of Vietnam
ExonymsWarsawEnglishynThe capital city of Poland; capital city of the Masovian Voivodeship.
Extinct languagesThracianEnglishynof or pertaining to Thrace or the Thracians or the extinct Thracian language.
Extinct languagesThracianEnglishynthe extinct language formerly spoken in Thrace.
EyegealacánIrishynwhite (of egg, of eye)
FabricspurpuraPolishynpurple cloth
FabricspurpuraPolishynpurple raiment
FaceyacatlClassical Nahuatlynnose
Facial expressionssmile from ear to earEnglishyn
Fairy tale charactersRumpelstiltskinEnglishynThe fictional dwarf who is the title character of that story.
Fairy tale charactersThumbelinaEnglishynThe main character in this story.
FalconidsfalcoItalianynhawk, falcon
FamilysororalEnglishynOf or pertaining to a sister.
FamilysororalEnglishynRelated through someone's sister.
FamilyumagadCebuanoynthe husband of one's sister
FamilyumagadCebuanoynthe husband of one's daughter; a son-in-law
FamilyհարսArmenianyndaughter-in-law, sister-in-law (the woman in relation to her husband's family)
FamilyआजोबाMarathiyngrandfather, paternal or maternal
Family皇家Chinesenroyal family; imperial household
Fantasy美人魚Chineseynmermaid; merperson; merfolk
FashionbaffsEnglishnyThird-person singular simple present indicative form of baff
FashionزيArabicyncostume, uniform, suit, dress
FashionزيArabicynfashion, vogue
FastenersbarretteEnglishynTo put (hair) into a barrette.
FearشجبArabicynto perish, to pass away, to fret
FearشجبArabicynto grieve, to mourn, to fret
FearشجبArabicynto let perish, to make vanish, to fret
FearشجبArabicynto affect with sadness, to grieve, to ail, to fret
FearشجبArabicynverbal noun of شَجَبَ‎ (šajaba) (form I)
FearشجبArabicyngrieving, mourning, sorrowful, fretful
FecesAaGermanynpoo, poop (faeces)
FecesкалRussianyndung, excrement, feces, poo
FemaleJapaneseyna female (plant or animal)
FemaleJapaneseyna female person; bitch
FemaleJapaneseyna female (plant or animal)
FemaleJapaneseyna female (plant or animal)
FemaleJapaneseynfemale (plant or animal)
Female animalsdamEnglishynFemale parent, mother, generally regarding breeding of animals.
Female animalsкурочкаRussianynDiminutive of ку́рица (kúrica): (small) hen
Female animalsкурочкаRussianynendearing diminutive of ку́ра (kúra): (small) hen
Female animalsкурочкаRussianynfemale of any fowl (quail, pheasant, chicken, etc.)
Female family membersblood sisterEnglishynA sister by birth.
Female family membersVietnameseyna paternal aunt (father's sister)
Female family membersVietnameseynI/me, your paternal aunt
Female family membersVietnameseynyou, my paternal aunt
Female peopleswatkaPolishynA matchmaker.
Female peopleswatkaPolishynThe mother of one's child-in-law.
Female peopleбабуляRussianyngranny (grandmother)
Female peopleбабуляRussianyngranny (old lady)
Female peopleжонкаBelarusianynwoman
Female peopleжонкаBelarusianynwife
Feudalismvõ sĩ đạoVietnameseynbushido
Feudalismvõ sĩ đạoVietnameseyna samurai; a bushi
FibersabacáPortugueseynManila hemp (a fibre extracted from the abaca)
Fictional characters小熊ChineseynPooh
FingersfillipEnglishnySomething unimportant, a trifle; also, the brief time it takes to flick one's finger (see noun sense 1); a jiffy.
FingersfillipEnglishynTo drive as if by a fillip (noun sense 1); to excite, stimulate, whet.
FireblazeEnglishynA fire, especially a fast-burning fire producing a lot of flames and light.
FireblazeEnglishynTo set in a blaze; burn.
FirepogorzelPolishynA place where a fire has occurred.
FirepogorzelPolishynBurnt remnants or ruins after a fire.
FirepogorzelPolishynA fire; a conflagration.
FireræscettanOld Englishynto crackle as a fire
FishnaselloItalianynhake (Merluccius merluccius)
FishγαλέηAncient Greekynkind of small fish
FishδράκαιναGreekyndragonet (any of the fish in the family Callionymidae)
FishingsidewinderEnglishnyA North American rattlesnake, Crotalus cerastes, that inhabits lowland deserts.
FishingsidewinderEnglishynA type of middle-distance deep-sea trawler widely used during the 1960s and 1970s.
FivequinaryEnglishynOf fifth rank or order.
FivequinaryEnglishynConsisting of five things; arranged in fives.
FlatfishplaiceEnglishynSeveral similar marine flatfish of the righteye flounder family Pleuronectidae: / Hippoglossoides platessoides ( American plaice), of the North American Atlantic.
FlatfishplaiceEnglishynSeveral similar marine flatfish of the righteye flounder family Pleuronectidae: / Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus ( Alaska plaice), of the eastern North Pacific.
FlatfishplaiceEnglishynSeveral similar marine flatfish of the righteye flounder family Pleuronectidae: / Acanthopsetta nadeshnyi ( scale-eye plaice), of the western North Pacific.
FlatfishplaiceEnglishynSeveral similar marine flatfish of the righteye flounder family Pleuronectidae: / Liopsetta glacialis ( polar plaice)
FlowersnebáncsvirágHungarianynimpatiens, touch-me-not, jewelweed (any of various ornamental plants of the genus Impatiens)
FlowersنیلوفرPersiannyA female given name, Nilufar or Niloofar, from Middle Persian.
Flowers紅花Japaneseynsafflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
Flowers紅花Japaneseynsafflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
Flowers紅花JapanesenyA female given name
Flowers紅花JapanesenyA female given name
FoodsFrittenGermanynfries, french fries, chips (UK)
FoodsFrittenGermanynplural of Fritte (“a single fry”)
FoodsdosaEnglishnyAlternative spelling of dosha
FoodsgiardinieraItalianyndiced, mixed vegetables cooked and then pickled
FoodsgoodyEnglishynA small amount of something good to eat.
FoodsgoodyEnglishynPudding made by boiling bread in milk with sugar and spices.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo be insidious or deceptive; to collude towards wrong.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo create or design; to come up with an idea.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo make fluidic or airy; to reduce something's density.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo think about the effects of an event.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo increase in mental acuity.
FoodssotilenMiddle EnglishnyTo become airy or refined.
FoodstendieEnglishynA chicken tender.
FoodsхъурмэAdyghenydate palm tree
Foodsസദ്യMalayalamynKerala feast consisting of rice and numerous dishes, usually served in banana leaf
Foodsസദ്യMalayalamyna heavy rice meal with many dishes
Foodsข้าวต้มThaiynTeochew-style rice porridge.
Foodsข้าวต้มThaiyna dessert of glutinous rice with a filling, wrapped with leaves and steamed or boiled.
FoodsἐλατήρAncient Greekynkind of broad, flat cake
Foods醃魚Chineseynkipper; salted fish
Foods醃魚Chineseynto prepare kipper; to salt fish
Football (soccer)キックオフJapaneseynkick-off (opening kick of a game)
Football (soccer)キックオフJapaneseynkick off (make the first kick of a game)
Forms of discriminationageistEnglishynUnfairly discriminatory against someone based on their age.
Forms of discriminationageistEnglishnyA person who behaves in an ageist manner.
Forms of governmentBundesrepublikGermanynfederal republic
Forms of government民主Chineseyndemocracy
Forms of government民主Chineseynmonarch
Forms of government民主Chineseyndemocratic
French ordinal numbersnonantièmeFrenchynninetieth
FruitsnaranjillaSpanishyna naranjilla (fruit)
FruitspassaPortugueseyndried fruit
FruitspassaPortugueseynraisin (dried grape)
FruitsthơmVietnameseyna species of pineapple commonly found in southern Vietnam
FruitsխնձորOld Armenianynapple (fruit)
FuneralJanazahEnglishynA bier or a coffin used to transport and bury the body of a dead person.
FurniturecabinetEnglishynA storage closet either separate from, or built into, a wall.
FurniturecabinetEnglishynA cupboard.
FurnituremecedorSpanishynrocking chair
FurnituretavolinoItalianyna small table, an occasional table, a card table
FurnitureمكتبSouth Levantine Arabicyndesk
Furry fandomyiffyEnglishynSexually aroused
GadiformsまだらJapaneseynpacific cod, Gadus macrocephalus
GaitstroopEnglishynTo march on; to go forward in haste.
GaitstroopEnglishynTo move or march as if in a crowd.
GamesgraPolishynthird-person singular present indicative of grać
GenderbaineannachIrishynhaving female offspring
Genisteae tribe plantsyellow broomEnglishnyCytisus scoparius
Genisteae tribe plantsyellow broomEnglishnyBaptisia tinctoria, of tribe Thermopsideae: subfamily Faboideae.
GeographyLähi-itäFinnishynMiddle East
GeographyLähi-itäFinnishynNear East
GeographympakaSwahilinyuntil (up to the time of (something happening))
GeometryhyperspatialEnglishynPertaining to hyperspace.
GeometryhyperspatialEnglishynOf or pertaining to multi-dimensional geometry.
Geraniales order plantsiglicaPolishynAny plant of the genus Erodium, particularly the redstem filaree (Erodium cicutarium).
GermanyRenoItalianynRhine (river)
GodJehovahEnglishynThe personal name of God in the Hebrew Scriptures; in Hebrew, יהוה‎ (YHVH)
GovernmentministerialEnglishnyRelated to a religious minister or ministry.
GrainsgrâuRomanianyngrain, cereal, corn
GrainsgrãoPortugueseyngrain (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops)
GrainsܚܛܬܐClassical Syriacynwheat
Grains小米Chineseynhulled grain of foxtail millet (Setaria italica)
Grains小米Chineseynfoxtail millet (the plant Setaria italica or its unhulled grain)
GrammarsubgrammaticalEnglishynRelating to a subgrammar.
Graph theoryarcoItalianynarc
GrassesقامشOttoman Turkishynreed; phragmites
GrassesقامشOttoman Turkishynbamboo
GrassesقامشOttoman Turkishyna piece of reed, or something made of reed
GreeceThyridesLatinynAn island of the Ionian Sea mentioned by Pliny
Greek deitiesArtemisaSpanishynArtemis
Greek letter namesjotaDutchyniota (Greek letter)
Greek mythologyCaronteSpanishynCharon (mythical ferryman of the dead)
Greek mythologyῬοδόπηAncient GreekynRhodope, a woman in Greek mythology
GreyspelēksLatvianyngray (having a tone or hue similar to gray when compared to other related elements)
Hairbarber chairEnglishynAn articulating chair used in barbershops and salons to facilitate hair-cutting and styling or face-shaving.
HairkapperDutchynbarber, hairdresser
HearingclywWelshynhearing (sense used to perceive sound)
HearingclywWelshynthird-person singular present/future of clywed
HearingclywWelshynsecond-person singular imperative of clywed
HearingsüketHungarianyndeaf (unable to hear)
Heather family plantspartridgeberryEnglishnyAny of various plants, including / squaw vine, Mitchella repens
Heather family plantspartridgeberryEnglishnyAny of various plants, including / lingonberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea
HerbssaugeMiddle Englishynsage (Salvia officinalis or its product)
HidesfleeceEnglishynHair or wool of a sheep or similar animal
HidesfleeceEnglishynInsulating skin with the wool attached
HidesfleeceEnglishnyThe fine web of cotton or wool removed by the doffing knife from the cylinder of a carding machine.
HidesfleeceEnglishynTo shear the fleece from (a sheep or other animal).
Hindi cardinal numbersषष्ठीHindiynsixth
Historical periodsDark AgesEnglishnyDark Ages, 380 thousand to about 1 billion years after the Big Bang.
Historical politiesBontocCebuanoyna former Spanish commandancy
HoneyeatersleatherheadEnglishynThe friarbird.
HoneyeatersleatherheadEnglishnyA city watchman who wore a leather helmet.
Horse tackchomątkoPolishynDiminutive of chomąto.
Horse tackchomątkoPolishnthimble (metal ring which a cable or rope intended for attaching to other things is looped around as a protection against chafing)
Horse tackcinchaSpanishyngirth (for horses or similar animals)
Horse tackκεκρύφαλοςAncient Greekynpart of the headstall of a bridle
HorsesgeldingEnglishynA castrated male horse.
HorsesmountureMiddle EnglishynA mount; a mounture.
HorsesαλογατάρηςGreekynhorseman, ostler, stableman
HorsesαλογατάρηςGreekynhorse dealer
HorsesتوسنPersianynwild horse
HorticulturekompostNorwegian Bokmålyncompost
HorticulturekompostNorwegian Bokmålyna compost heap
HouseholdpenatiItalianynhousehold gods
HouseholdpenatiItalianynhousehold deities
HygieneunwashedEnglishynNot having been washed.
HygieneunwashedEnglishnyVulgar, plebeian, lowbrow.
Indiana, USAアナポリスJapaneseynAnnapolis
IndividualsAchillesCebuanonya male given name from Ancient Greek
IndividualsAdamEnglishynThe first man and the progenitor of the human race.
IndividualsAdamEnglishnyJesus Christ, whose sacrifice, in Christian theology, makes possible the forgiveness of Adam's original sin.
IndividualsArtemisiaLatinynArtemisia II of Caria (sister, wife, and successor [353–351 BC] of King Mausolus of Caria, after whose death and in whose honour she ordered the building of the renowned Mausoleum at Halicarnassus)
IndividualsHuldaGermanynHuldah (biblical figure)
IndividualsJamesMiddle EnglishynJames the Greater or James the Less (apostles)
IndividualsJamesMiddle EnglishnyJames (a male given name from Old French)
IndividualsManzoniItalianynAlessandro Manzoni (1785–1873), Italian poet and novelist
IndividualsNoemiItalianynNaomi (biblical character)
IndividualsNoéFrenchynNoah (biblical character)
IndividualsPicassoSpanishynPablo Picasso, Spanish artist
IndividualsΠήδασοςAncient GreekynPedasus, the name of a Trojan soldier mentioned in the Iliad
IndividualsΠήδασοςAncient GreekynPedasus, the name of a horse mentioned in the Iliad
IndonesiaAcehEnglishynA special territory (province) of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
InsectsբլոճArmenianyna bug, small insect of any kind
Insects螳螂Japaneseyna mantis (any of various large insects of the order Mantodea)
Insects螳螂Japaneseyna mantis
Insurance保單Chineseynwarranty slip
Insurance保單Chineseyninsurance policy
Insurance保單Chineseynguarantee slip
IslandsSabaItalianynSaba, an island in the Caribbean Netherlands
IslandsΧίοςGreekynChios (an island, and its capital, in the northeast Aegaean Sea)
Italian ordinal numbersnovantaduesimoItalianynninety-second
ItalyItalianEnglishynPertaining to Italy, its people or its language.
ItalyItalianEnglishynAn inhabitant of Italy, or a person of Italian descent.
ItalyItalianEnglishynThe official language of Italy, also spoken in San Marino, the Vatican, and parts of Switzerland.
ItalyItalianEnglishynA style of cuisine or individual dishes of or associated with Italy or Italian people.
ItalyItalianEnglishynA type of linen or cotton cloth with satin finish used primarily for linings, Italian cloth.
ItalyItalianEnglishynItalian vermouth, a dark-colored, sweet or mildly bitter vermouth.
ItalyItalianEnglishynAn Italian sandwich.
Japanese numeral symbols𥝱Japaneseyn
JudaismפֿרוםYiddishnyreligious; pious
KnittingcniotáilIrishynverbal noun of cniotáil
KnittingcniotáilIrishynknitting; knitted material
LGBTbayotTagalogynmale homosexual
LGBTgayelleEnglishynA lesbian.
LGBTmoffieAfrikaansynhomosexual man
LGBTsarasaSpanishyneffeminate man or homosexual
LGBTsarasaSpanishynqueerboy; fag; faggot; poofter
LGBTslash fictionEnglishynA genre of fan fiction focusing on romantic and/or sexual relationships between characters of the same sex (typically men).
LGBTslash fictionEnglishynA work in the genre of slash fiction
LagomorphsušákCzechynhare or rabbit
Lamniform sharksmackerel sharkEnglishynAny shark of the family Lamnidae.
LandformsobniżeniePolishyndepression, hollow
LandformsslewEnglishynA wet place; a river inlet.
Language familiesCelticEnglishynA branch of the Indo-European languages that was spread widely over western and central Europe in the pre-Christian era.
Language familiesIndo-IranianEnglishynA branch of the Indo-European language family, including the Indic and Iranian languages.
Language familiesIndo-IranianEnglishynA member of any peoples speaking such a language.
Language familiesIndo-IranianEnglishynOf or relating to such a language or member.
Language familiesTurksDutchynTurkic
LanguagesPunjabiDutchynPunjabi, of, pertaining to, descended from the people or culture of the Punjab, or written in the Punjabi language.
LanguagesTewaEnglishynThe traditional language of the Tewa people.
LanguagesTewaEnglishynA Trans-New Guinea language of Indonesia.
LanguagesbabiloniCatalanynBabylonian (language)
LanguagesbaszkHungarianynBasque (of or relating to Basque Country, its people or language)
LanguagesbaszkHungarianynBasque (language)
LanguagescatalanăRomanianynthe Catalan language
LanguageseslovacoGalicianynSlovak (of Slovakia)
LanguagesestońskiPolishynEstonian (language)
LanguagesjiddischCatalanynYiddish (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)
LanguagesjiddischCatalanynYiddish language
LanguagesmalaiàlamCatalanynOf or pertaining to Malayalam.
LanguagesnepáliHungarianynNepalese (of or relating to Nepal, its people or language)
LanguagesnepáliHungarianynNepalese (language)
LanguagesotomíSpanishynof the Otomi people and their language
LanguagesotomíSpanishynthe Otomi language
LanguagesyupikPortugueseynYup'ik (a language of the Eskimo-Aleut family)
LanguagesαγγλικήGreekynEnglish (language)
LanguagesइतालियनHindiynItalian (language)
Latin letter namesuCatalanynThe Latin letter U (lowercase u).
Latvian cardinal numbersdeviņiLatvianynnine (an amount equal to nine)
LaughterlaughterEnglishynA movement (usually involuntary) of the muscles of the laughing face, particularly of the lips, and of the whole body, with a peculiar expression of the eyes, indicating merriment, satisfaction or derision, and usually attended by a sonorous and interrupted expulsion of air from the lungs.
Law正法Chineseynto execute a criminal
Law正法Chineseynthe proper law or rule
Law正法Chineseynexecution of a criminal
Law enforcementconstableEnglishynOne holding the lowest rank in most Commonwealth police forces. (See also chief constable.)
Law enforcementconstableEnglishynA police officer or an officer with equivalent powers.
Law enforcementconstableEnglishynA public officer, usually at municipal level, responsible for maintaining order or serving writs and court orders.
Law enforcementconstableEnglishynTo act as a constable or policeman.
LeadersdirectorEnglishynOne who directs; the person in charge of managing a department or directorate (e.g., director of engineering), project, or production (as in a show or film, e.g., film director).
LeadersdirectorEnglishnyA counselor, confessor, or spiritual guide.
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynA lawyer; one who advises or represents others in legal matters as a profession.
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynOne such who practised in the courts of the common law (cf solicitor, proctor).
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynA solicitor.
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynAn agent or representative authorized to act on someone else's behalf.
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynA title given to lawyers and notaries public, or those holders by profession who also do other jobs. Usually capitalized or abbreviated as Atty.
Legal occupationsattorneyEnglishynTo work as a legal attorney.
Legumeslady's fingerEnglishynThe kidney vetch.
LegumesθερμόςAncient Greekynlupine, especially Lupinus albus
Leptonsđiện tửVietnameseynelectron
Letter namesնուArmenianynthe name of the Armenian letter ն (n)
Lighteadar-sholasachScottish Gaelicynhaving twilight
Lighteadar-sholasachScottish Gaelicynglimmering (as twilight)
Light sourcesHMIEnglishnyInitialism of human-machine interface.
Light sourcesHMIEnglishynInitialism of hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide. (a kind of lamp)
Light sourcescandelabroPortugueseyncandelabrum, branched candlestick
Light sourcescandelabroPortugueseynchandelier
Light sourcesćhonRomaniynmoon
Light sourcesϣⲟⲩⲣⲏCopticnyaltar
Light sourcesܫܡܫܐClassical Syriacynsun, star
Light sourcesܫܡܫܐClassical SyriacynSun
Liliales order plantsزنبقOttoman Turkishynlily
LimbslimbEnglishynA major appendage of human or animal, used for locomotion (such as an arm, leg or wing).
LimbslimbEnglishynTo remove the limbs from (an animal or tree).
LiquidsзатечьRussianynto flow (in), to pour (into), to leak (into)
Literary genresfantasyPolishynfantasy (genre)
Literary genresfantasyPolishynfantastical (of or pertaining to fantasy)
LiteraturenovelEnglishynA fable; a short tale, especially one of many making up a larger work.
Literature作品Chineseynwork (literary, artistic or intellectual production); composition
LocksխլուրդArmenianynwooden lock
LoveapaixonarPortugueseynto fall in love (to come to have feelings of love towards each other)
LoveapaixonarPortugueseynto fall in love with (to come to have feelings of love towards)
LoveapaixonarPortugueseynto make someone fall in love
LoveチッスJapaneseynto kiss
MalerểVietnameseynShort for chú rể (“groom”). (man about to be married)
MaleseanduineIrishynold person; old man; ancient, sage
Male老的Chineseynfather (non-face-to-face)
Male老的Chineseynfather (face-to-face)
Male animalsbocScottish Gaelicynbuck, roebuck
Male animalsdemAlbanianynbull
Male athleteskopáčCzechynkicker
Male athleteskopáčCzechynfootballer
Male occupationschłodnikPolishyncooling specialist
Male occupationshajdukPolishynhajduk (outlaw, highwayman or freedom fighter in the Balkans)
Male occupationshajdukPolishynhajduk (mercenary foot soldier in Hungary)
Male occupationshajdukPolishynhajduk (attendant in German or Hungarian courts)
Male occupationsrachmistrzPolishyncomputer (person)
Male occupationsrachmistrzPolishynaccountant (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)
Male peoplebadylarzPolishyngardener
Male peoplebadylarzPolishynflorist (person who cultivates flowers as a profession)
Male peoplebadylarzPolishynA wealthy, private entrepreneur.
Male peopleprowokatorPolishynprovocateur, provoker
Male peopleprowokatorPolishynagent provocateur
Male peoplesiromahSerbo-Croatianynpauper, poor man
Male peoplesiromahSerbo-Croatianynpoor, wretched man
Male peopleučeňCzechynapprentice
Male peopleučeňCzechynstudent in a vocational school
Male peopleборецRussianynfighter, champion
Male peopleборецRussianynwrestler
Mallow family plantsbamiyəAzerbaijaniynokra, ladies' fingers
Malpighiales order plantsamlaEnglishynthe bitter yellow-green fruit of this tree.
MammalskëlyshAlbanianynanimal young, baby animal (of a guadruped mammal)
MammalsmazatlClassical Nahuatlyndeer
MammalsmazatlClassical Nahuatlynhorse
MammalsmëzatAlbanianynbullock (young bull)
MammalsغنمSouth Levantine Arabicynsheep
MammalsغنمSouth Levantine Arabicynsheep and goats
MammalsสุนัขThainSynonym of หมา (mǎa)
MammalsสุนัขThainSynonym of หมา (mǎa)
MammalsสุนัขThaiynSynonym of หมา (mǎa, “dog”)
MarriagegroomdomEnglishynThe state, quality, or condition of being a groom; groomhood.
MarriagegroomdomEnglishynGrooms collectively.
MarriagelordlesMiddle Englishynunmarried (of a woman)
MaterialsᒪᓯᓇᐦᐃᑲᐣPlains Creeynpaper
MathematicsdelMiddle EnglishnyOne's fate, inevitability or luck; what is ordained to occur.
MathematicsdelMiddle EnglishnyIntensity, severity, degree.
Measuring instrumentsปรอทThaiynthermometer.
MeatsbraciolaItalianynsteak (with no bone)
MeatschitterlingsEnglishynSmall intestine, boiled and fried, usually of a pig. Sometimes prepared with hog maws.
MeatschitterlingsEnglishynplural of chitterling
MechanicsweightEnglishynThe resistance against which a machine acts, as opposed to the power which moves it.
MedicinemedicinSwedishynmedicine (the art of curing illness)
MedicinemedicinSwedishynmedicine, drug (a substance which promotes healing)
MetalsargentumLatinynsilver (metal, element)
MetalspilakCebuanoynsilver; a lustrous, white, metallic element
MicrosoftMicrosoftEnglishynto Microsoftify.
MicrosoftMicrosoftEnglishynto make more like Microsoft with regards to perceived business practices and tactics.
MilkܚܠܒܐClassical Syriacynmilk
MindheedMiddle EnglishynThe head (top portion of a human or animal): / The head as the origin of thought; intellect or one's brain.
Mint family plantsmuunjuga-iriaKikuyuynbutterfly bush (Rotheca myricoides, syn. Clerodendrum myricoides); recently reported that decoction of a shoot or roots used for treating STDs, including syphilis and gonorrhea.
Mint family plantsmuunjuga-iriaKikuyuynjammy mouth (Ruttya fruticosa)
Mint family plantsریحانOttoman Turkishynbasil
MonarchypríncipeSpanishynsovereign, ruler
MonarchyrealPortugueseynof or relating to the monarchy; royal; regal
MonarchyrealPortugueseynhaving the air or demeanour of a monarch; regal
MonarchyregentPolishynregent (one who rules in place of the monarch)
MonarchyregentPolishynAn official in charge of a royal chancellery, a secretary to the chancellor or the sub-chancellor; also: an official looking after the chancellery and court archives.
Monarchy황제Koreanynthe Yellow Emperor
MongoliaմոնղոլերենArmenianynMongolian (language)
MongoliaմոնղոլերենArmenianynMongolian (of or pertaining to the language)
MossesbagniakPolishynAny moss of the genus Philonotis.
MotorcyclesinteryorCebuanoynthe inner tube; the tire interior
MozambiquemozambikiHungarianynMozambican (of, from, or relating to Mozambique, its people or language)
MozambiquemozambikiHungarianynMozambican (a person from Mozambique or of Mozambican descent)
Municipalities of Isabela, PhilippinesSan AgustinCebuanoynA municipality of Isabela
MusicMamboGermanynmambo (music)
Musical instrumentsطنبورArabicyntanbur
Musical instrumentsChineseyna type of bell
MusiciansbluseroSpanishynbluesman (blues artist; blues aficionado)
MustelidsnäätäFinnishynpine marten (Martes martes)
MustelidsnäätäFinnishynmarten (any member of the taxonomic genus Martes)
Myrtales order plantswater caltropEnglishynThe nut from this plant.
Mythological creaturesduvelMiddle Dutchyndevil, demon
Mythological creaturesduvelMiddle DutchynDevil, Satan
Mythological creaturesupiórPolishynvampire
Mythological creaturesupiórPolishynghost
Narratology敵役Japaneseynan antagonist (one who antagonizes)
Narratology敵役Japaneseynan antagonist (one who antagonizes)
NationalitiesArgentineEnglishynOf, from, or pertaining to Argentina or its people.
NationalitiesArgentineEnglishynA citizen or descendant abroad of Argentina.
NationalitiesCanadierGermanynCanadian (person from Canada)
NationalitiesMongólachIrishynMongolian, Mongol
NationalitiesbúlgaroGalicianynBulgarian person
NationalitiespersanRomanianyna Persian man
NationalitiestadžikkiFinnishnyTajik (language)
Nature𐎶𐎠𐏃Old Persianynmoon
Night黑天Chineseynnight; nightfall
NobilityDanishmendEnglishnyOf or pertaining to the Danishmend dynasty: a Turkish dynasty that ruled in north-central and eastern Anatolia in the 11th and 12th centuries.
NobilityDanishmendEnglishynA member of the Danishmend dynasty.
Nuclear warfareatomówkaPolishynatomic bomb
Nuclear warfarefizzleEnglishnyTo decay or die off to nothing; to burn out; to end less successfully than previously hoped.
ObstetricslapsivuodeFinnishynchildbed (the bed in which a baby is delivered)
ObstetricslapsivuodeFinnishynshort for lapsivuodeaika: childbed (the period immediately before giving birth, when the mother is confined in bed)
ObstetricslapsivuodeFinnishynshort for lapsivuodeaika: puerperium (the period immediately after giving birth, when the mother's body is returning to the prenatal state)
OccultencantarSpanishynto bewitch
OccultkalipayCebuanoynbathwater prepared by soaking leaves of this plant in water, supposed to bring happiness to a child who is bathed in it
OccultkalipayCebuanoyna drink made by boiling the leaves of this plant, served to a couple before the wedding supposedly to promote a happy marriage
OccupationsFils du CielFrenchynSon of Heaven (Emperor of China)
OccupationsWirtinGermanynfemale host
OccupationsWirtinGermanynfemale innkeeper
OccupationsbúistéaraIrishyngenitive singular of búistéir
OccupationsbúistéaraIrishynCois Fharraige form of búistéir (“butcher”)
OccupationsclickerEnglishnyAn electronic device used by individual students in the classroom to respond to multiple-choice questions, etc.
OccupationsclickerEnglishnySomeone who clicks, for example using a computer mouse.
OccupationsclickerEnglishnyOne who has charge of the work of a companionship.
OccupationscofiadurWelshynone who keeps records, registrar, secretary, clerk
OccupationscofiadurWelshynhistorian, chronicler
OccupationscofiadurWelshynrecorder, councillor, officer
OccupationselőadóHungarianynlecturer, instructor (one who gives lectures, especially as a profession)
OccupationselőadóHungarianynperformer, artist (one who performs for, or entertains, an audience)
OccupationselőadóHungarianynclerk, administrator, official, (desk) officer, customer service agent/representative (an official qualified to prepare administrative decisions and usually present them to a higher level executive)
OccupationskniferEnglishnySomeone who stabs another with a knife.
OccupationspastorSpanishynpastor, priest
OccupationspezevenkTurkishynpimp, procurer
OccupationspigmanEnglishynA farm worker who looks after pigs.
Occupationsབཟོ་པTibetanyncraftsman, artist
Occupationsབཟོ་པTibetanynworker, laborer
Occupations漫畫家Chineseynmangaka; manga or manhua artist
OrgansskynMiddle EnglishnyThe skin (outer layer of the body or a portion of it) / A prepared hide; e.g. parchment, leather, etc.
OrgansskynMiddle EnglishnyAny kind of rind or external layer; often referring to plants.
OrgansskynMiddle EnglishnyPart of a the material composing a tent.
OrgansكبدArabicynliver (“organ”)
Orthographyreverse spellingEnglishynA specific spelling of a word representing a phonetic feature never present in it, but present in other words in the same phonetic environment (and later lost); an inverse spelling.
PainboleníCzechynverbal noun of bolet
Palm treesdate treeEnglishy
Paniceae tribe grasseshumayCebuanoynmillet
PaperлистокRussianynDiminutive of лист (list): small leaf, small sheet (of paper)
PaperлистокRussianynslip, sheet, paper
PaperлистокRussianynwall newspaper, document, poster
PartiesprzyjęciePolishynparty (social gathering)
PastyesternightEnglishynLast night.
PastyesternightEnglishynA preceding night.
PathologycàlculCatalanyncalculus (stony concretion)
PeopleBettseicherAlemannic Germanynbedwetter
PeopleWodnikPolishynAquarius (someone with an Aquarius star sign)
Peoplebien pensantEnglishnyRight-thinking, orthodox, conformist.
Peoplebien pensantEnglishynA person who is bien pensant.
Peoplebien pensantEnglishynSomeone who accepts and/or espouses a fashionable idea after it has been established and maintains it without a great amount of critical thought.
PeoplebrusherEnglishynSomeone who brushes (any of the meanings).
PeoplebrusherEnglishynA person employed to cut or blast the roof or floor of a roadway and so give more height.
PeoplebrusherEnglishynA person who gets the mineral down by blasting in the working face after it has been "holed".
PeopledirkEnglishnyA long Scottish dagger with a straight blade.
PeopledirkEnglishynA socially unacceptable person; an oddball.
PeopleguardsmanEnglishynA member of a Guards regiment.
PeoplehystericEnglishnyHysterical; relating to hysteria.
PeoplehystericEnglishynA hysterical person.
PeopleladroneItalianynthief; robber (especially a highwayman)
PeopleladroneItalianynplural of ladrona
PeopleladyEnglishynThe mistress of a household.
PeopleladyEnglishynA woman of breeding or higher class, a woman of authority.
PeopleladyEnglishynThe feminine of lord.
PeopleladyEnglishynA title for someone married to a lord or gentleman.
PeopleladyEnglishynA woman: an adult female human.
PeopleladyEnglishynA polite reference or form of address to women.
PeopleladyEnglishynUsed to address a female.
PeopleladyEnglishynA wife or girlfriend; a sweetheart.
PeopleladyEnglishynA woman to whom the particular homage of a knight was paid; a woman to whom one is devoted or bound.
PeoplemagdidilaCebuanoynone who studies linguistics
PeoplemagdidilaCebuanoyna person skilled in languages
PeoplemandoLatinnyI put in hand; deliver over
PeoplemandoLatinnyI commit, consign
PeoplemandoLatinnyI confide
PeoplemandoLatinnyI commission
PeoplemandoLatinnyI put in writing
PeoplemandoLatinnyI send word to
PeoplemandoLatinnyI entrust
PeoplemandoLatinnyI bite, gnaw
PeoplemanggagantsoTagalogynfraudster; scammer; swindler
PeoplemunkatársHungarianynworker, contributor
PeoplenonconformistEnglishynLoosely, a Christian who does not conform to the doctrines of an established church.
PeoplenonconformistEnglishynSomeone who does not conform to accepted beliefs, customs or practices.
PeoplescurraLatinynelegant man about town, dandy, rake
PeopleunpersonEnglishynA human who has been stripped of rights, identity or humanity.
PeoplevaîsînNormanyn(male) neighbor
PeoplezurdoSpanishynleft-handed person, lefty
PeoplezurdoSpanishynleft-winger, leftist, lefty
PeopleĐức Quốc XãVietnameseynthe Nazis
People嚴師Chineseynstrict teacher
Percoid fishbatwanonCebuanoynthe whipfin silver-biddy (Gerres filamentosus)
Percoid fishокуньRussianynperch
Percoid fishокуньRussianynbass
PeriodicalsժուռնալArmenianynmagazine, periodical, journal
PersonalityfriendlyEnglishynGenerally warm, approachable and easy to relate with in character.
PersonalityfriendlyEnglishynInviting, characteristic of friendliness.
PersonalityfriendlyEnglishynIn a friendly manner, like a friend.
PersonalitymellowEnglishynWell matured; softened by years; genial; jovial.
PersonalitymellowEnglishynRelaxed; calm; easygoing; laid-back.
PhilatelyColumbianEnglishynA stamp from the Columbian Issue stamps.
Philosophy農家Chineseynagriculturalism (Chinese philosophy prevalent during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods that advocated peasant utopian communalism and egalitarianism)
PhobiasxenophobiaEnglishnyA strong antipathy or aversion to strangers or foreigners.
PhysiologyөтKazakhnyfocus (wind, sun, etc.)
Piperales order plantswild gingerEnglishynAny of the many plants similar to ginger in appearance or aroma. / Any of several species of Asarum, especially Asarum caudatum and Asarum canadense.
Piperales order plantswild gingerEnglishynAny of the many plants similar to ginger in appearance or aroma. / Asiasarum sieboldi
Places in EgyptרעמססHebrewynA place in Egypt.
Places of worshippagodePortugueseynpagoda (a tiered tower with multiple eaves)
Places of worshipsantuárioPortugueseynshrine (a place that is holy)
Planets of the Solar SystemErdeGermanynthe planet Earth
Planets of the Solar SystemМеркурийRussianynMercury
PlantsboubínGalicianynwhite stonecrop (Sedum album)
PlantscaeciliaLatinnyA kind of lizard
PlantsplîseNormanyngrass-wrack, sea-wrack, eelgrass (Zostera marina)
PlantsplîseNormanynsmall vraic washed up
PlantsthistelMiddle Englishynthistle (any spiky or prickly perennial composite plant)
PlantsшөрилэSouthern Yukaghirynflower
Plantsꦱꦼꦩ꧀ꦥꦿꦺꦴꦁJavanesenyglass chimney of a lamp
Plantsꦱꦼꦩ꧀ꦥꦿꦺꦴꦁJavanesenyegg rolls
Poetry詞曲Chineseynci and qu poetry
PolandpolonaisFrenchynPolish, the Polish language
Political scienceelecciónSpanishynelection
Political sciencematriarchateEnglishynThe position of a matriarch.
PoliticsdebateEnglishynAn argument, or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting, often with more than two people, generally ending with a vote or other decision.
Pome fruitscrabappleEnglishynThe fruit of this tree.
Pome fruitsmountain ashEnglishynThe European species Sorbus aucuparia, commonly known as rowan or more specifically European rowan.
PostPOPEnglishynAcronym of post office preferred. (denoting a standard envelope size)
PrisonklawiszPolishynprison guard
PrisonprigioneItalianynjail, prison
PrisonprigioneItalianynimprisonment, incarceration, detention
PrisonprigioneItalianynprisoner, captive
ProcyonidschicoSpanishynraccoon (Procyon lotor)
ProsodyiambusLatinyniamb, iambus
ProsodyiambusLatinyniambic verse
ProstitutionбабочкаRussianynprostitute, hooker
Proteinsgamma globulinEnglishynA fraction of blood serum containing the most antibodies.
Provinces of ItalyL'AquilaEnglishynProvince of Abruzzo, Italy.
Provinces of PakistanPunjabEnglishnyA geographical region of South Asia, divided (by the Radcliffe Line) between India and Pakistan. Pakistani Punjab includes the (West) Punjab Province and parts of the Islamabad Capital Territory; Indian Punjab includes (East) Punjab State and some other territories.
Provinces of PakistanPunjabEnglishnyState in northern India which has union territory Chandigarh as its capital; its biggest city is Ludhiana.
PsychologyabnoyCebuanoynretarded; having mental retardation; mentally deficient
PsychologyabnoyCebuanoyna retard
Punctuation marksскобкаRussianynparenthesis, bracket
RabbitsramliceCzechynfemale rabbit
RabbitsramliceCzechynfemale hare
Radiovô tuyếnVietnameseynrelated to radio; wireless
Rail transportationropniakPolishyndiesel locomotive
Rail transportationvykolejeníCzechynderailment
Ratites鴕鳥Chineseynostrich (Classifier: 隻/只 m c)
Reference worksatlasSpanishynatlas (a bound collection of maps often including tables, illustrations or other text)
ReindeersvaadinFinnishynreindeer doe
ReligionconventicleEnglishynA secret, unauthorized or illegal religious meeting.
ReligionconventicleEnglishynThe place where such a meeting is held.
ReligionconventicleEnglishynTo hold a secret, unauthorized or illegal religious meeting.
ReligionvenquysshenMiddle EnglishynTo eliminate immorality or malice (within oneself or within others)
ReligionܟܦܘܪܬܐClassical Syriacynpagan, heathen
ReligionܟܦܘܪܬܐClassical Syriacynunbeliever, infidel
ReligionܟܦܘܪܬܐClassical Syriacynnegator, denier, apostate
Religion弟子Japaneseyna disciple, an apprentice
Religion弟子Japaneseynon a mala or Buddhist rosary, the ten small beads closest to the end of the portion that hangs free from the largest bead
Religion聖化Chineseynteachings of a sage (specifically Confucius) or of the emperor
Religion聖化Chineseynbeatification; sanctification
Religion聖化Chineseynto sanctify
ReptilesparvipelvianEnglishynRelating to ichthyosaurs of the clade Parvipelvia
ReptilesparvipelvianEnglishynAny ichthyosaur of the clade Parvipelvia
RhetoricparableEnglishynA short narrative illustrating a lesson (usually religious/moral) by comparison or analogy.
RoadsbypassEnglishnya circumvention
RoadsbypassEnglishnya section of pipe that conducts a fluid around some other fixture
RoadsbypassEnglishnyan electrical shunt
RoadsbypassEnglishnyan alternative passage created to divert a bodily fluid around a damaged organ; the surgical procedure to construct such a bypass
RoadsbypassEnglishnyto ignore the usual channels or procedures
RoadsdráhaCzechyntrack (for a race or exercise)
RoadsdráhaCzechynlane (a division of a racetrack)
RoadsdráhaCzechynrailway (a transport system), railroad (the transportation system)
RodentsosmákCzechyncommon degu
RodentsκαστόριονAncient Greekynbeaver
Roman EmpireConstantineEnglishynA city and province of Algeria
RoomscafeteriaEnglishnyA restaurant in which customers select their food at a counter then carry it on a tray to a table to eat
RoomschambroIdoynroom, chamber
RoomscofaOld Englishynchamber
RoomsклетьRussianyncloset, storeroom
RoomsнораRussianynsmall, dark room; hole, diggings
RoomsատեանOld Armenianynassembly hall, court hall
RoomsատեանOld Armenianynthe space in front of the sanctuary in temples
Rosales order plantsသစ်ပုပ်BurmeseynNilgiri elm, Eastern nettle tree (Celtis tetrandra)
Rue family plantsබෙලිSinhaleseynbael fruit tree, bel, Bengal quince (Aegle marmelos); also its fruit.
SI unitsáreaSpanishynare (SI unit of area equal to 100 square metres)
SalmonidssmoltEnglishnyBright; serene.
SalmonidssmoltEnglishynA young salmon two or three years old, when it has acquired its silvery color.
SandwichesfocacciaEnglishynA sandwich made with this type of bread.
ScarabaeoidsscarabEnglishynA beetle of the species Scarabaeus sacer, sacred to the ancient Egyptians.
ScarabaeoidsscarabEnglishynAny species of beetle belonging to the family Scarabaeidae.
Science fictionテレポートJapaneseynSynonym of 瞬間移動 (shunkan idō, “teleportation”)
Science fictionテレポートJapaneseynto teleport
SciencesaddictologyEnglishynThe study of addictions.
SciencesaddictologyEnglishnyThe practice of treating addictions.
Sciences理学JapaneseynClipping of 物理学 (butsurigaku, “physics”).
Sciences理学JapaneseynSynonym of 自然科学 (shizen kagaku, “natural science”)
ScolopacidsTerekEnglishnyA river that flows in Georgia and Russia.
ScotlandedimburguésSpanishynof Edinburgh, Scotland; Edinburgher (of or relating to Edinburgh, Scotland)
ScotlandedimburguésSpanishynEdinburgher (native or resident of Edinburgh, Scotland)
ScotlandescocêsPortugueseynScottish (of, from or relating to Scotland)
ScotlandescocêsPortugueseynScot; Scotsman (someone from Scotland)
ScotlandescocêsPortugueseynScottish (ambiguous term for any of a number of languages spoken in Scotland)
Seasons春冰Chineseynfragile and thin ice in spring
Securitygate rapeEnglishynTo screen (someone) aggressively prior to allowing them to board an aircraft.
SensescéadfaIrishynsense (bodily faculty)
Sewingsnáthaid bheagIrishynfine needle
Sex淫水Chineseynsexual secretions (especially from a female); cum
ShapesowalPolishynoval (in a projective plane, a set of points, no three collinear, such that there is a unique tangent line at each point)
ShapesowalPolishynoval (shape like an egg or ellipse)
ShapestrapezoideCatalanyntrapezium (irregular quadrilateral)
ShapesدائرهOttoman Turkishynthat goes round or surrounds; circle; circumference, ring
SheepborregoSpanishyna sheep around its second year of age
Ship partsկայմOld Armenianynmast
Ship partsկայմOld Armenianynsail
SinterklaassurpriseDutchyna gift wrapped in an ingenious or creative manner; often given anonymously during Sinterklaas celebrations in a similar way to secret Santa
SizesmallEnglishynNot large or big; insignificant; few in number.
SizesmallEnglishynTo become small; to dwindle.
SleepdrømNorwegian Bokmålyna dream
SleepdrømNorwegian Bokmålynimperative of drømme
SleepospałośćPolishynsleepiness, drowsiness
SleepлежанкаRussianynsleeping ledge above a Russian chimney stove
SleepлежанкаRussianynsleeping place or couch
SmellsmokyEnglishynFilled with or enveloped in tobacco smoke.
SmellsmokyEnglishnyResembling or composed of smoke.
SmellsmokyEnglishnyGiving off steam or vapour.
SmokingзапалкаBulgarianynlighter, strike a light
Snails蝓螺Chineseynland snail
SnowsnowfallEnglishynAn instance of falling of snow.
SnowsnowmobileEnglishynA vehicle with skis at the front and a caterpillar track at the rear, used for travelling over snow, sometimes as sport
SnowsnowmobileEnglishynTo ride or race in a snowmobile.
SoundaudioEnglishynFocused on audible sound, as opposed to sight.
SoundchillarSpanishynto shriek, to screech, to scream
SoundchillarSpanishynto creak
SoundchillarSpanishynto sizzle, to hiss
SoundfüttyHungarianynwhistle (a shrill, high-pitched sound made by whistling)
SoundfüttyHungarianynsong, call (a melodious sound made by a bird)
SoundweykMiddle Englishynweak (lacking force or strength otherwise): / Hard to hear or detect; quiet.
SoundsplumpEnglishynThe sound of a sudden heavy fall.
SoundsraspEnglishynThe sound made by this tool when used, or any similar sound.
SoundsraspEnglishynTo make a noise similar to the one a rasp makes in use; to utter rasps.
SoundsscrapingEnglishynThe sound or action of something being scraped.
SoundsskrzypPolishyncreak (sound)
SoundsthudEnglishynThe sound of a dull impact.
SoundsthudEnglishynTo make the sound of a dull impact.
SoupsστρατσιατέλαGreekynstracciatella (soup)
Soups火鍋Chineseynhot pot
SpainCastileEnglishnyA medieval kingdom (and previously a county) in the Iberian Peninsula.
SpainMundaLatinynAn ancient town in Hispania Baetica, famous for its battle
Spices and herbs肉果Chineseynnutmeg
SquirrelswiewiórPolishynA male squirrel.
SquirrelswiewiórPolishyngenitive plural of wiewióra
StarlingspasterzPolishynrosy starling (Pastor roseus)
StatisticszaludnieniePolishynpopulation (all people living within a political or geographical boundary)
Stock charactershulkEnglishynA big (and possibly clumsy) person.
Stock charactershulkEnglishynAn excessively muscled person.
Stock charactersonly childEnglishynA person who has no siblings.
Stock charactersonly childEnglishynA person raised as the sole child in a household.
Stock characterstomboyEnglishynA girl who behaves in a typically boyish manner.
SwordsספסראAramaicynsword, blade
TalkingbaragouinerFrenchynto gibber, jabber, garble, muddle one's words
TalkingbaragouinerFrenchynto speak (a language) badly
TalkingburczećPolishynto mutter, to grumble, to say something with a bad mood
TalkingramblingEnglishynpresent participle of ramble
TalkingramblingEnglishynOf a speech: meandering, long and digressing.
TalkingramblingEnglishynA long meandering talk with no specific topic or direction.
Talking演說Chineseynto make a speech; to address
Talking演說Chineseynspeech; address
Tarantino ordinal numbersseconneTarantinoynsecond
TeaçaýTurkmenyntea (the plant, the dried leaves or buds of the plant, the drink made by infusing these dried leaves or buds in hot water)
TetraodontiformsumuTokelauanyntitan triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)
Thirteen十三Chineseynthirteen; 13
ThreeJapaneseynthree, 3
Tick-borne diseasestheileriosisEnglishynAny disease caused by Theileria parasites, transmitted by species of ticks. / Human theileriosis, caused by Theileria microti, transmitted by deer ticks.
Tick-borne diseasestheileriosisEnglishynAny disease caused by Theileria parasites, transmitted by species of ticks. / Tropical theileriosis, a theileriosis of cattle from the Mediterranean and Middle East area, from Morocco to Western parts of India and China, caused by Theileria annulata, transmitted by ticks of Hyalomma.
TimecontinuousEnglishynExpressing an ongoing action or state.
TimejornadaSpanishynworking day
TimelawKhumi Chinynmonth
TimemadrugadaPortugueseynthe period between midnight and sunrise; early morning
TimemadrugadaPortugueseyndawn (the first stages of a process)
TimemetztliEastern Huasteca Nahuatlynmonth
TimeměsacUpper Sorbiannymoon
TimeсегодняRussianyntoday, this day
Time分分鐘Chineseynalways; constantly; at all times
Time分分鐘Chineseynat any time
Time頂日Chineseynday before yesterday
ToolsabakasLithuanianynabacus (device for performing calculations)
ToolsрубанокRussianynplane (a tool)
ToolsрубанокRussianynjack plane
TownsブイJapaneseynBuy (town in Kostroma Oblast, Russia)
TreesmakopaCebuanoynwax apple (Syzygium samarangense)
TreespaazaSeriyna type of tree, Sideroxylon occidentale
Treeswheel treeEnglishynAspidosperma excelsum, a tree native to Peru.
Treeswheel treeEnglishynTrochodendron aralioides, a tree or large shrub native to Japan, Taiwan, and southern Korea.
True finchesziarnojadPolishynfinch (bird of the family Fringillidae), fringillid
TwoduetEnglishynA song composed for and/or performed by a duo.
TwoduetEnglishynA pair or couple, especially one that is harmonious or elegant.
TwoduetEnglishynTo perform (sing, play, etc.) as a duet.
TwoduetEnglishyn(of two people) To say at the same time, to chorus.
TypographycolumnEnglishynA vertical line of entries in a table, usually read from top to bottom.
TypographycolumnEnglishynA body of text meant to be read line by line, especially in printed material that has multiple adjacent such on a single page.
TypographycolumnEnglishnyA recurring feature in a periodical, especially an opinion piece, especially by a single author or small rotating group of authors, or on a single theme.
Units of measurehontMiddle Dutchynan area of 100 square rods, approximately 0.14 hectares or 1400 m²
Units of measureknopSwedishynknot (speed unit)
Units of measureπρόχοοςAncient Greekynunit of measure for liquids used in Tauromenium
Units of measureܓܘܡܐClassical Syriacynkind of grain measure
Units of measureနှမ်းBurmeseyna traditional Burmese unit of length equal to 0.03125 inches (0.79375 mm)
UniversitiesBamaEnglishynThe University of Alabama.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / A specialized division of a university.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / An institution of higher education teaching undergraduates.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / A university.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / Attendance at an institution of higher education.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / A non-specialized, semi-autonomous division of a university, with its own faculty, departments, library, etc.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / An institution of further education at an intermediate level; sixth form.
UniversitiescollegeEnglishynAn academic institution. / A residential hall associated with a university, possibly having its own tutors.
VegetableskuyotCebuanoynthe intoxicating yam (Dioscorea hispida)
VegetableskuyotCebuanoynthe root of this plant
VegetablespazıTurkishynchard (type of a beet)
VegetablessalaattisipuliFinnishynSynonym of kevätsipuli.
VehiclesWagenGermanyna wheeled vehicle for transporting anything / a car, an automobile, a vehicle
VehiclesWagenGermanyna wheeled vehicle for transporting anything / a railroad car
VehiclesWagenGermanyna wheeled vehicle for transporting anything / a wagon, a cart (drawn by a person, by horses, by oxen, etc)
VehiclesspryteEnglishynAn off-road vehicle moving on tracks, which is used in amphibious and polar travel.
Venetian ordinal numbersdiseteVenetianynseventeenth
VesselsܡܩܘܪܐClassical Syriacyncanal, aqueduct; cistern
VillagesSaariFinnishnyA surname, from landscape​.
Villages in EnglandCoatesEnglishynA placename / A village in England, United Kingdom, any of several villages
ViolencedefenestrationEnglishynThe act of throwing something or someone out of a window.
ViolenceszarpaninaPolishyngrapple, struggle
Viral diseasesballaIlocanoynrabies
VisioncaochIrishynblind, purblind person, creature
VisioncaochIrishynblind, purblind
WateraberWelshynestuary, mouth of a river
WateraberWelshynconfluence, joining of two or more rivers
WaterdamAfrikaansynpond, basin
WatereddyEnglishynA current of air or water running back, or in an opposite direction to the main current.
WatereddyEnglishynA circular current; a whirlpool.
WatercraftwhaleboatEnglishynA long narrow rowing boat, formerly used in whaling, which is pointed at both ends so that it can move either forwards or backwards equally well.
WatercraftwhaleboatEnglishynA boat resembling this and carried on a warship or other ship.
WeaponskulkaCzechynbullet (projectile)
Weapons炮彈Chineseynartillery shell
WeathertumultusLatinynA storm, tempest, thunderclap.
WeatherओलाHindiynhail (as weather)
Willows and poplarspioppoItalianynpoplar (tree of the genus Populus)
Willows and poplarspioppoItalianynthe wood of such tree
WindventoPortugueseynwind (moving air)
WindβοριάςGreekynnorth wind
WinecavaCatalanynwine cellar
WinecavaCatalanyncava (wine)
Winter冬頭Chineseynearly winter
WitchcraftክታብAmharicynamulet, talisman, fetish, charm particularly wrapped in parchment or with medicinal herbs
WoodstwardzielPolishynheartwood, duramen
WormsчервьRussianynworm (invertebrate)
WormsчервьRussianyncaterpillar, maggot, helminth, grub, larva
WritingchryjaPolishynscreed (piece of writing or speech, especially if long)
WritingletraPortugueseynletter (letter of the alphabet)
WritingletraPortugueseyncalligraphy (style of handwriting of a person), handwriting
WritingμέλανAncient Greekynink
Writing instrumentsSchreibfederGermanynquill (pen)
Writing instrumentsSchreibfederGermanynnib
YellowsmustardEnglishnyA plant of certain species of the genus Brassica, or of related genera (especially Sinapis alba, in the family Brassicaceae, with yellow flowers, and linear seed pods).
Zerozero-rateEnglishnTo subject (a good) to no value-added tax when sold (but the supplier can still recover VAT attributable to it).
Zerozero-rateEnglishyTo provide Internet access without financial cost under certain conditions, such as by permitting access to only certain websites, by subsidizing the service with advertising, or by exempting certain websites from data allowances.
Zoarcoid fishAalquappeGermanyneelpout (Zoarces viviparus)

Senses that could no longer be found using senseid

centoquindicesimoItaliancentoquindicesimo-it-adj-NJNAr7zmone hundred and fifteenth
centoquindicesimoItaliancentoquindicesimo-it-noun-NJNAr7zmone hundred and fifteenth
अंगदSanskritअंगद-sa-noun-1mi4GbQua bracelet worn on the upper arm, armband
अंगदSanskritअंगद-sa-name-le5aq2Cdname of a brother of राम (rāma)
अंगदSanskritअंगद-sa-name-Oi6-f.5Mname of a son of गद (gada)
अंगदSanskritअंगद-sa-name-uqx4HMGRname of an ape, son of बालिन् (bālin)
´Russian´-ru-character-DPGJ-xEHacute accent
´Russian´-ru-character-PYsrQ3H6stressed-syllable indicator used in East Slavic languages

This page is a part of the machine-readable Livonian dictionary. This dictionary is based on structured data extracted on 2024-01-28 from the enwiktionary dump dated 2024-01-20 using wiktextract (unknown and unknown). The data shown on this site has been post-processed and various details (e.g., extra categories) removed, some information disambiguated, and additional data merged from other sources. See the raw data download page for the unprocessed wiktextract data.

If you use this data in academic research, please cite Tatu Ylonen: Wiktextract: Wiktionary as Machine-Readable Structured Data, Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), pp. 1317-1325, Marseille, 20-25 June 2022. Linking to the relevant page(s) under would also be greatly appreciated.