"all the same" meaning in English


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  1. Anyway; nevertheless; nonetheless. Tags: idiomatic, not-comparable Categories: English idioms Translations (anyway; nevertheless; nonetheless): om't ewe (Afrikaans), ep bir (Crimean Tatar), kuitenkin (Finnish), siitä huolimatta (Finnish), yhtä kaikki (Finnish), silti (Finnish), joka tapauksessa (Finnish), néanmoins (French), tout de même (French), quand même (French), trotzdem (German), immerhin (German), mégis (Hungarian), akkor is (Hungarian), attól még (Hungarian), azért (Hungarian), mégiscsak (Hungarian), mar sin féin (Irish), lo stesso (Italian), ugualmente (Italian), comunque (Italian), それでも (sore de mo) (Japanese), やはり (yahari) (Japanese), 依然として (izen to shite) (alt: いぜんとして) (Japanese), 還是 (Mandarin), 还是 (háishì) (Mandarin), 仍然 (réngrán) (Mandarin), 依然 (yīrán) (Mandarin), quànd-mesme [Guernsey] (Norman), likevel (Norwegian), tross alt (Norwegian), wszystko jedno [neuter] (Polish), mesmo assim (Portuguese), всё равно́ (vsjó ravnó) (Russian), тем не ме́нее (tem ne méneje) (Russian), ändå (Swedish), trots allt (Swedish), i alla fall (Swedish)
  2. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see all,‎ same. Tags: not-comparable
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Synonyms: even so, just the same, still, withal, nevertheless Related terms: if it's all the same

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