"give one's all" meaning in English


Forms: gives one's all [present, simple, singular, third-person], giving one's all [participle, present], gave one's all [past, simple], given one's all [participle, past] Audio: en-au-give one's all.ogg [Australia]
  1. To make the utmost effort; to contribute, using all of one's abilities and resources.
  2. To lose one's life while making the utmost effort with full commitment. Tags: euphemistic, idiomatic Categories: English euphemisms, English idioms
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Death, English predicates, English terms with redundant head parameter Synonyms (lose one's life): die Synonyms (make the utmost effort): empty the tank, go all out, pull out all the stops, do one's utmost Translations (make the utmost effort): antaa kaikkensa (Finnish), se donner à fond (French), whakapau kaha (Maori), dar tudo de si (Portuguese), dar o seu melhor (Portuguese), dar el do de pecho (Spanish)

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