"albeit" meaning in English


IPA: /ɔːlˈbiː.ɪt/ [UK], /ɔlˈbi.ət/ [US], /ɑlˈbi.ɪt/ [cot-caught-merger] Audio: en-us-albeit.ogg [US]
  1. Although, despite (it) being. Categories: English words not following the I before E except after C rule, English_univerbations, Middle English compound words Synonyms: as much as, though, even though, albe Related terms: howbeit Translations (despite its being; although): وَلَو‎ (walaw) (Arabic), мака́р (makár) (Bulgarian), мака́р и (makár i) (Bulgarian), encara que (Catalan), tanmateix (Catalan), però (Catalan), třebaže (Czech), omend (Danish), selv om (Danish), alhoewel (Dutch), hoewel (Dutch), ofschoon (Dutch), kvankam (Esperanto), vaikka (Finnish), vaikkakin (Finnish), joskin (Finnish), bien que (French), quoique (French), inanque (Galician), aínda que (Galician), maxer (Galician), macar (Galician), decasí (Galician), porén (Galician), malia (Galician), embora (Galician), orasme (Galician), decontra (Galician), emporiso (Galician), noustante (Galician), wenn auch (German), wenngleich (German), obgleich (German), obschon (German), καίτοι (kaítoi) (Greek), μολονότι (molonóti) (Greek), જોકે (joke) (Gujarati), પરંતુ (parantu) (Gujarati), તેમ છતાં (tem chatā̃) (Gujarati), किन्तु (kintu) (Hindi), परन्तु (parantu) (Hindi), quankam (Ido), benché (Italian), とはいえ (to wa ie) (Japanese), であるが (dearu ga) (Japanese), etsi (Latin), nors ir (Lithuanian), 雖然 (Mandarin), 虽然 (suīrán) (Mandarin), selv om (Norwegian), om enn (Norwegian), malgrat (Occitan), tot ben que (Occitan), encara que (Occitan), اگرچه‎ (agarče) (Persian), هرچند‎ (harčand) (Persian), chociaż (Polish), se bem que (Portuguese), mesmo que (Portuguese), ainda que (Portuguese), totuși (Romanian), dar (Romanian), хотя́ (xotjá) (Russian), иако [Cyrillic] (Serbo-Croatian), мада [Cyrillic] (Serbo-Croatian), премда [Cyrillic] (Serbo-Croatian), чак и ако [Cyrillic] (Serbo-Croatian), iako [Roman] (Serbo-Croatian), mada [Roman] (Serbo-Croatian), premda [Roman] (Serbo-Croatian), čak i ako [Roman] (Serbo-Croatian), aj keď (Slovak), četudi (Slovene), čeprav (Slovene), aunque (Spanish), no obstante (Spanish), si bien (Spanish), om än (Swedish), her ne kadar (Turkish), yine (Turkish), gerçi (Turkish), ise de (Turkish)

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