"know-it-all" meaning in English


Forms: know-it-alls [plural]
  1. Someone who claims to be knowledgeable or an expert in something, obnoxiously dismissing the opinions, advice, suggestions, etc. of others. Tags: US, chiefly, derogatory Categories: American English, English exocentric compounds, People, Personality Synonyms: know-it-all Hypernyms (an obnoxiously and/or pretentiously clever person): intelligent person, jerk Derived forms: know-it-allery Related terms (an obnoxiously and/or pretentiously clever person): know-it-allery, malapert Translations (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject): ամենագետ (amenaget) (Armenian), ամենագիտակ (amenagitak) (Armenian), sasijakintsu (Basque), sasijakitun (Basque), всезнайко (vseznajko) [masculine] (Bulgarian), setciències (Catalan), mestretites (Catalan), vševěd [masculine] (Czech), klogeåge [common] (Danish), besserwisser [common] (Danish), betweter [masculine] (Dutch), wijsneus [masculine] (Dutch), kaikkitietävä (Finnish), besserwisser (Finnish), je-sais-tout [masculine] (French), ti-Jo Connaissant [Quebec, masculine] (French), ჭკუის კოლოფი (č̣ḳuis ḳolopi) (Georgian), ყოვლისმცოდნე (q̇ovlismcodne) (Georgian), Besserwisser [masculine] (German), Besserwisserin [feminine] (German), Neunmalkluger [masculine] (German), Neunmalkluge [feminine] (German), Rechthaber [masculine] (German), Rechthaberin [feminine] (German), Schulmeister [masculine] (German), Schulmeisterin [feminine] (German), Klugscheißer [masculine] (German), Klugscheißerin [feminine] (German), Schlaumeier [masculine] (German), Schlaumeierin [feminine] (German), Schlauberger [masculine] (German), Schlaubergerin [feminine] (German), ξερόλας (xerólas) [masculine] (Greek), ξερόλα (xeróla) [feminine] (Greek), sapientone (Italian), sa tutto (Italian), saputello [masculine] (Italian), tuttologo [masculine] (Italian), nientologo [masculine] (Italian), 知ったかぶりをする人 (shittakaburi o suru hito) (note: no exact term exists, the term for the action is idiomatic) (alt: しったかぶりをするひと) (Japanese), сезнајко (seznajko) [masculine] (Macedonian), 萬事通 (Mandarin), 万事通 (wànshìtōng) (Mandarin), whakaputa mōhio (Maori), ngutu huia (Maori), bedreviter [masculine] (Norwegian Bokmål), viktigper [masculine] (Norwegian Bokmål), forståsegpåer [masculine] (Norwegian Bokmål), besserwisser [masculine] (Norwegian Bokmål), علامه دهر‎ ('allâme-ye dahr) (Persian), przemądrzalec [masculine] (Polish), mądraliński [masculine] (Polish), mądrala [feminine, masculine] (Polish), chłopek-roztropek [masculine] (Polish), sabichão [masculine] (Portuguese), sabichona [feminine] (Portuguese), sabe-tudo [feminine, masculine] (Portuguese), всезна́йка (vseznájka) [feminine, masculine] (Russian), зна́йка (znájka) (note: also a famous protagonist) [feminine, masculine] (Russian), sveznalica [feminine, masculine] (Serbo-Croatian), свезналица [feminine, masculine] (Serbo-Croatian), sabelotodo (Spanish), sabiondo [masculine] (Spanish), todólogo (Spanish), cuñado [Spain, masculine] (Spanish), viktigpetter (Swedish), besserwisser [common] (Swedish), çok bilmiş (Turkish), wiisprater (West Frisian), wiisnoas (West Frisian)
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Synonyms: know-all (english: British) [Ireland] Synonyms (an obnoxiously and/or pretentiously clever person): clever clogs, clever dick [UK, pejorative], know-all [pejorative], smart aleck [pejorative], smart ass [pejorative], smarty [pejorative], smarty pants [pejorative], wiseacre [pejorative], wisenheimer [US, chiefly, pejorative]

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