"all the tea in China" meaning in English


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  1. Something very valuable or priceless. Tags: excessive, idiomatic, uncountable Categories: English hyperboles, English idioms, Tea Synonyms: all the gold in Fort Knox, all the money in the world Related terms: price of tea in China Translations (something priceless or invaluable): kaikki maailman rikkaudet (Finnish), tout l'or du monde (english: all the gold in the world) (French), όλο το χρυσάφι του κόσμου (ólo to chrysáfi tou kósmou) (Greek), a világ minden kincséért (english: FOR all the tea…; it's not commonly used otherwise) (Hungarian), tutto l'oro del mondo (Italian), za Chiny ludowe (Polish), za Chiny (Polish), za chińskiego boga (Polish), za żadne skarby świata (Polish), za żadne skarby (Polish), za skarby świata (Polish), za nic na świecie (Polish), za żadną cenę (Polish), za żadne pieniądze (Polish), todo o ouro do mundo [masculine] (Portuguese), ни за каки́е коври́жки (ni za kakíje kovrížki) [in negative, only] (Russian), todo el oro en el mundo (Spanish)

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