"all and sundry" meaning in English


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  1. All; everyone. Tags: collective Translations (all; everyone): الكل و يزيد‎ (Arabic), alle och enhver (Danish), Gud og hvermand (Danish), Jan en alleman (Dutch), kaikki (Finnish), jokainen (Finnish), joka iikka (Finnish), tout le monde (French), Hinz und Kunz (German), jeder Dahergelaufene (German), jedermann (German), alle (German), όλοι ανεξαιρέτως (óloi anexairétos) (Greek), alle og enhver (Norwegian Bokmål), Gud og hvermann (Norwegian Bokmål), i bez wyjątku (wszystkie) (Polish), все и ка́ждый (vse i káždyj) (Russian), propios y extraños (Spanish), alla och envar (Swedish)
  2. Each one. Translations (each one): hver og en (Danish), jokainen (Finnish), tous (French), εκάτερος (ekáteros) [masculine] (Greek), κάθε ένας (káthe énas) [masculine] (Greek), alle (Norwegian Bokmål), alle især (Norwegian Bokmål), i bez wyjątku (wszystkie) (Polish), все и ка́ждый в отде́льности (vse i káždyj v otdélʹnosti) (Russian), var och en (Swedish)
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Categories: English coordinated pairs, English idioms, English plural pronouns, English pronouns, English third person pronouns Synonyms: one and all

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