"all the more" meaning in English


  1. Even more; notably, but even more notably due to additional information, either preceding or following the statement. Tags: not-comparable Synonyms: all the more so Related terms: nonetheless, all the less Translations (even more): encara més (Catalan), yhä (Finnish), vieläkin (Finnish), vielä (Finnish), d'autant plus (French), erst recht (German), umso mehr (German), annál (is) inkább (mert/mivel…) (Hungarian), móide (Irish), なおさら (naosara) (Japanese), なおもって (naomotte) (Japanese), なおいっそう (naoissō) (Japanese), いっそう (issō) (Japanese), 越發 (Mandarin), 越发 (yuèfā) (Mandarin), 益發 (Mandarin), 益发 (yìfā) (Mandarin), 愈益 (yùyì) (Mandarin), 越加 (yuèjiā) (Mandarin), 愈發 (Mandarin), 愈发 (yùfā) (Mandarin), tym bardziej (Polish), ainda mais (Portuguese), тем бо́лее (tem bóleje) (Russian), тем па́че (tem páče) (Russian), пода́вно (alt: и) [colloquial] (Russian), más (Spanish), si cabe (Spanish), máxime (Spanish)

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