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Forms: allspices [plural] Audio: en-us-allspice.ogg [US]
  1. A spice; the dried and ground unripe fruit of Pimenta dioica, thought to combine the flavours of several spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Tags: uncountable
  2. Pimenta dioica, an evergreen tree of tropical America with aromatic berries. Tags: countable
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Categories: Myrtle family plants, Spices Synonyms (spice): Pimento Synonyms (tree): Jamaica pepper Derived forms: Carolina allspice (taxonomic: Calycanthus floridus) Translations (spice): بَهَار حُلْو‎ (bahār ḥulw) [masculine] (Arabic), فِلْفِل إِفْرَنْجِيّ‎ (filfil ʾifranjiyy) [masculine] (Arabic), jamaikako piperbeltz (Basque), бахар (bahar) (Bulgarian), pebre de Jamaica [masculine] (Catalan), nové koření [neuter] (Czech), allehånde [common] (Danish), alhanda [neuter] (Faroese), maustepippuri (Finnish), quatre-épices (French), tout-épice [masculine] (French), piment de la jamaïque [masculine] (French), მიხაკი (mixaḳi) (Georgian), ბაჰარი (bahari) (Georgian), Piment [masculine, neuter] (German), Neugewürz [neuter] (German), Nelkenpfeffer [masculine] (German), Jamaikapfeffer [masculine] (German), Modegewürz [archaic, neuter] (German), μπαχάρι (bachári) [neuter] (Greek), allrahanda [neuter] (Icelandic), negulpipar [masculine] (Icelandic), pepe della Giamaica [masculine] (Italian), pimento (Jamaican Creole), オールスパイス (ōrusupaisu) (Japanese), nàjgvirc [masculine] (Latin), nàjkvirc [masculine] (Latin), pìmēnta [feminine] (Latin), pìmеnt [masculine] (Latin), најгвирц (najgvirc) [masculine] (Macedonian), најквирц (najkvirc) [masculine] (Macedonian), rempah tiga rasa (Malay), 多香果 (duōxiāngguǒ) (Mandarin), 眾香子 (Mandarin), 众香子 (zhòngxiāngzi) (Mandarin), 牙買加胡椒 (Mandarin), 牙买加胡椒 (Yámǎijiā hújiāo) (Mandarin), pibbyr Injinagh [masculine] (Manx), toute-êpice [feminine] (Norman), allehånde [masculine] (Norwegian Bokmål), allehande [masculine] (Norwegian Nynorsk), ziele angielskie [neuter] (Polish), pimenta-da-jamaica [feminine] (Portuguese), ienibahar [neuter] (Romanian), гвозди́чный пе́рец (gvozdíčnyj pérec) [masculine] (Russian), яма́йский пе́рец (jamájskij pérec) [masculine] (Russian), души́стый пе́рец (dušístyj pérec) [masculine] (Russian), на̀јгвирц [Cyrillic, masculine] (Serbo-Croatian), на̀јквирц [Cyrillic, masculine] (Serbo-Croatian), пѝме̄нта [Cyrillic, feminine] (Serbo-Croatian), пѝмент [Cyrillic, masculine] (Serbo-Croatian), nové korenie [neuter] (Slovak), píment [masculine] (Slovene), pimienta de Jamaica [feminine] (Spanish), kryddpeppar [common] (Swedish), baharat (Turkish), yenibahar (Turkish) Translations (tree): pebrer de Jamaica [masculine] (Catalan), maustepippuri (Finnish), pimento tree (Jamaican Creole), オールスパイス (ōrusupaisu) (Japanese), 多香果 (duōxiāngguǒ) (Mandarin), 眾香子 (Mandarin), 众香子 (zhòngxiāngzi) (Mandarin), 牙買加胡椒 (Mandarin), 牙买加胡椒 (Yámǎijiā hújiāo) (Mandarin), korzennik lekarski [masculine] (Polish), pimenteira da Jamaica [feminine] (Portuguese), гвозди́чное де́рево (gvozdíčnoje dérevo) [neuter] (Russian), гвозди́чный пе́рец (gvozdíčnyj pérec) [masculine] (Russian), пиме́нта лека́рственная (piménta lekárstvennaja) [feminine] (Russian), pímentovec [masculine] (Slovene), kryddpepparträd [neuter] (Swedish)

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