"All Souls' Day" meaning in English

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Forms: All Souls’ Day [canonical]
  1. An annual feast day celebrating the faithful departed on the second day of November, immediately following All Saints' Day. Topics: Christianity Categories: Christianity
  2. Synonym of Tomb Sweeping Day, a Chinese holiday. Tags: uncommon Synonyms: Tomb Sweeping Day [synonym, synonym-of]
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Categories: Holidays Synonyms: Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, Feast of All Souls, Defuncts' Day, All Souls Day Synonyms (Mexican): Day of the Dead Translations (Christian feast day): Dia dels Difunts [masculine] (Catalan), Dia dels Morts [masculine] (Catalan), Dia de les Ànimes [masculine] (Catalan), Dušičky (Czech), Památka zesnulých (Czech), allerzielen [neuter] (Dutch), Allerzielen [neuter] (Dutch), Tago de la Mortintoj (Esperanto), alla sálnadagur [masculine] (Faroese), Commémoration des fidèles défunts [feminine] (French), Día de Defuntos (Galician), Allerseelen [neuter] (German), Allerseelentag [masculine] (German), ψυχοσάββατο (psychosávvato) [neuter] (Greek), halottak napja (Hungarian), Lá Fhéile na Marbh [masculine] (Irish), Giorno dei Morti [masculine] (Italian), Commemorazione dei defunti [feminine] (Italian), Allerséilendag [masculine] (Luxembourgish), Allerséilen [neuter] (Luxembourgish), Духовден (Duhovden) [masculine] (Macedonian), Għid tal-Imwiet [masculine] (Maltese), Dia dos Fiéis Defuntos [masculine] (Portuguese), Dia dos Mortos [masculine] (Portuguese), Dia de Finados [masculine] (Portuguese), День всех усо́пших (Denʹ vsex usópšix) [masculine] (Russian), Dušni dan [Roman] (Serbo-Croatian), Día de Muertos [masculine] (Spanish), Conmemoración de los Fieles Difuntos [feminine] (Spanish), Día de los Difuntos [masculine] (Spanish), alla själars dag [common] (Swedish), lễ Các Đẳng (Vietnamese), Djoû des åmes [masculine] (Walloon), Djoû des moirts [masculine] (Walloon), Dygwyl y Meirw [feminine, masculine] (Welsh), Gŵyl yr Holl Eneidiau [feminine] (Welsh)

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