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Forms: all-rounders [plural] Audio: en-au-all-rounder.ogg [Australia]
  1. A versatile person, able to do many things well; used especially in reference to being good at various sports. Tags: Britain, chiefly Categories: British English
  2. A player who is skilled in both batting and bowling. Topics: cricket, sports Categories: Cricket
  3. A shirt collar going all round the neck and meeting in front. Tags: archaic
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Categories: People Synonyms: all rounder Related terms: all-round, boffin, dab hand Translations ((cricket) player skilled in both batting and bowling): yleispelaaja (Finnish), ilbheartóir [masculine] (Irish) Translations (a person who has many skills): manusje van alles (Dutch), tuhattaituri (Finnish), duine ildánach [masculine] (Irish), ilbheartóir [masculine] (Irish), yl-cheirdagh [masculine] (Manx), на все ру́ки (na vse rúki) (Russian)

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