"çalmaq" meaning in All languages combined

Verb [Azerbaijani]

  1. to play (a musical instrument)
  2. to hit
  3. to knock
  4. to scythe
  5. to bite Tags: of vermin Topics: biology, natural-sciences, sciences, snakes, zoology
  6. to look like, to look similar to
  7. to perform cunnilingus or fellatio Tags: figuratively, slang, vulgar
  8. to mix Topics: food, lifestyle
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Derived forms: fit çalmaq (alt: “to whistle”) Derived forms (çalğı (“music”)): çalğıçı (alt: “musician”)

Verb [Crimean Tatar]

  1. to scythe

Inflected forms

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