"सर्व" meaning in Sanskrit


IPA: /s̪ɐ́ɾ.ʋɐ/ [Vedic], /ˈs̪ɐɾ.ʋɐ/ [Classical]
  1. whole, entire, all, every Tags: error-unknown-tag, sárva
  2. of all sorts, manifold, various, different Tags: error-unknown-tag, sárva
  3. altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywhere Tags: error-unknown-tag, sárva
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Derived forms: सर्वधारी (sarvadhārī), → Hindi: सर्व (sarv), → Marathi: सर्व (sarva), → Telugu: సర్వము (sarvamu)

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