"ar fad" meaning in Irish


IPA: /ɛɾʲ ˈfˠad̪ˠ/
  1. still (up to a time, as in the preceding time)
  2. all, fully Synonyms (all): go léir
  3. always Synonyms (always): i gcónaí
  4. quite, clean (to the greatest extent, fully, completely)
  5. altogether (without exception, wholly, completely)
  6. away (on; in continuance; without intermission or delay)
  7. long, in length Tags: with units of Topics: measurement, property
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Synonyms: ar fhad [Cois-Fharraige] Synonyms (still): i gcónaí, fós Derived forms: an cúrsa ar fad a thabhairt (alt: “to come full circle”)

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