"all hands on deck" meaning in English


  1. An order, on board ship, for all seamen of all watches to muster on deck immediately; normally shortened to "All hands" Topics: nautical Categories: Nautical
  2. A call for everyone to participate in something. Tags: broadly
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Related terms: lost with all hands, clear the decks Translations (order): alle hens aan dek (Dutch), kaikki miehet kannelle (Finnish), alle mann på dekk (Norwegian Bokmål), wszystkie ręce na pokład [feminine, plural] (Polish), все наве́рх (vse navérx) (Russian), свиста́ть всех наве́рх (svistátʹ vsex navérx) (Russian), todos manos a la obra (Spanish)

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