"all at once" meaning in English


IPA: /ˌɔːl ət ˈwʌn(t)s/ [Received-Pronunciation], /ˌɔl ət ˈwʌn(t)s/ [General-American], /ˌɑl ət ˈwʌn(t)s/ [General-American] Audio: en-au-all at once.ogg [Australia]
  1. Unexpectedly; without warning; all of a sudden. Tags: idiomatic, not-comparable Categories: English idioms
  2. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: All at the same time; all together. Tags: not-comparable Categories: &lit not valid pagename
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Time Translations (All at the same time, all together): ἀθρόον (athróon) (Ancient Greek), παμπληθεί (pamplētheí) (Ancient Greek), d'un seul coup (French), egyszerre (mind/mindenki/mindnyájan) (Hungarian), in un sol colpo (Italian), nello stesso momento (Italian), in una sola volta (Italian), petapeta (Maori), wszystko naraz (Polish) Translations (unexpectedly): ἀθρόως (athróōs) (Ancient Greek), najednou (Czech), soudain (French), tout d'un coup (French), d'un coup d'un seul (French), უეცრად (uecrad) (Georgian), μεμιάς (memiás) (Greek), hirtelen (Hungarian), váratlanul (Hungarian), egyszer csak (Hungarian), egyszerre csak (Hungarian), tutto in una volta (Italian), d'un tratto (Italian), tutto d'un tratto (Italian), znienacka (Polish), nagle (Polish), ni stąd ni zowąd (Polish), do nada (Portuguese), de repente (Portuguese), вдруг (vdrug) (Russian), внеза́пно (vnezápno) (Russian), неожи́данно (neožídanno) (Russian)

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