"Messina" meaning in English

Proper name

IPA: /mɛˈsiːnə/
  1. A province of Sicily, Italy. Tags: place Categories: Places in Italy, Places in Sicily, Provinces of Italy Translations (province): Messina (Finnish), Messine [feminine] (French), Messina [feminine] (Italian), Messina [feminine] (Maltese), मेस्सिना (messinā) (Marathi), Mesyna [feminine] (Polish), Messyna [feminine] (Polish), Mesina [feminine] (Spanish)
  2. A city, the provincial capital of Messina, Sicily, Italy. Tags: place Categories: Cities in Italy, Cities in Sicily, Places in Italy, Places in Sicily, Provincial capitals Translations (city): Ζάγκλη (Zánklē) (english: original name) (Ancient Greek), Μεσσήνη (Messḗnē) (english: newer name) [feminine] (Ancient Greek), مسينة‎ (Arabic), Mecina [feminine] (Aragonese), Մեսինա (Mesina) (Armenian), Месіна (Mjesina) [feminine] (Belarusian), Месина (Mesina) [feminine] (Bulgarian), 墨西拿 (mak⁶ sai¹ naa⁴) (Cantonese), Mesino (Esperanto), Messina (Finnish), Messine [feminine] (French), მესინა (mesina) (Georgian), Μεσσήνη (Messíni) [feminine] (Greek), מסינה‎ (Hebrew), Messina [feminine] (Italian), メッシーナ (Messhīna) (Japanese), 메시나 (mesina) (Korean), Messāna [feminine] (Latin), Mesīna [feminine] (Latvian), Mesina [feminine] (Lithuanian), Messina (Maltese), 墨西拿 (Mòxīná) (Mandarin), मेस्सिना (messinā) (Marathi), Mesyna [feminine] (Polish), Messyna [feminine] (Polish), Messina [feminine] (Portuguese), Месси́на (Messína) [feminine] (Russian), Missina [feminine] (Sicilian), Mesina [feminine] (Spanish), Micina (english: outdated) [feminine] (Spanish), Мессіна (english: Messina) [feminine] (Ukrainian)

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