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  1. Chinese philosopher, follower of Confucius (?372 - 289 B.C.E., or 385 - 303/302 B.C.E.) Translations (Chinese philosopher): 孟子 (maang⁶ zi²) (Cantonese), Menci (Catalan), Mengzi (Finnish), Mencius (French), 孟子 (Men-chṳ́) (Hakka), 孟子 (Mōshi) (Japanese), 孟子 (Mèngzǐ) (Mandarin), 孟子 (Bēng-chú) (Min Nan), Мэн-цзы (Mɛn-czy) [masculine] (Russian)
  2. A collection of anecdotes and conversations of the philosopher by the same name.
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Categories: Individuals Synonyms: Mengzi Related terms (Confucius): 孔子 (Kōshi) (こうし) Related terms (Laozi): 老子 (Rōshi) (ろうし) Related terms (Mozi): 墨子 (Bokushi) (ぼくし) Related terms (Sun Tzu): 孫子 (Sonshi) (そんし) Related terms (Zhuangzi): 荘子 (Sōshi) (そうし)

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