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IPA: /maɪˈɒt/ Audio: LL-Q1860 (eng)-Vealhurl-Mayotte.wav [UK]
  1. An overseas department of France, formerly an overseas territorial collectivity, located between Africa's mainland and Madagascar. Tags: place Categories: Africa, Departments of France, Islands, Places in France, Regions of France Related terms: Mahoran Translations (Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte): مَايُوت‎ (mayūt) (Arabic), Mayotte (Breton), Mayotte (Danish), Mayotte (Dutch), Majoto (Esperanto), Mayotte (Estonian), Mayotte (Finnish), Mayotte (French), Mayotte (German), Μαγιότ (Magiót) [feminine] (Greek), मायोत (māyot) [masculine] (Hindi), Mayotte (Hungarian), Mayotte (Italian), Maiotta [feminine] (Italian), マヨット (Mayotto) (Japanese), 마요트 (Mayoteu) (Korean), Majota [feminine] (Latvian), Мајо́т (Majót) [masculine] (Macedonian), Mahori (Malagasy), 馬約特 (Mandarin), 马约特 (Mǎyuētè) (Mandarin), Maore (Maore Comorian), Maiota (Maori), Maore (Ngazidja Comorian), Mayotte [feminine] (Norman), Maiòta [feminine] (Occitan), Majotta (Polish), Mayotte (Portuguese), Mayotte (Romanian), Майо́тта (Majótta) [feminine] (Russian), Mayotte (Spanish), Maore (Swahili), Mayotte [neuter] (Swedish), มายอต (maa-yɔ́ɔt) (Thai)

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