"Maurice" meaning in English

Proper name

IPA: /məˈɹis/ [General-American], /mɔˈɹis/ [General-American], /məˈɹiːs/ [Received-Pronunciation], /ˈmɒɹɪs/ [Received-Pronunciation]
  1. A male given name from Latin. Tags: masculine Categories: English given names, English male given names Translations (male given name): Maurici [masculine] (Catalan), Moric (Czech), Mourits (Danish), Maurits (Dutch), Mavrési (Emilian), Maŭrico (Esperanto), Mauri (Finnish), Maurice (French), Moritz (German), Móric (Hungarian), Mór (Hungarian), Muiris [masculine] (Irish), Maurizio (Italian), Māris [masculine] (Latvian), Maurici [masculine] (Occitan), Maurise [masculine] (Occitan), Maurycy (Polish), Maurício (Portuguese), Маври́кий (Mavríkij) (Russian), Mauricio (Spanish), Mauritz (Swedish)
  2. A patronymic surname, from given names​. Categories: English surnames
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Countries in Africa, Islands Derived forms: Plympton St Maurice Related terms: Morris

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