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  1. A periphery where Athens, the capital of Greece, is located. Translations (periphery): Ἀττική (Attikḗ) [feminine] (Ancient), А́тика (Átika) [feminine] (Bulgarian), Àtica (Catalan), Attika (Danish), Attica (Dutch), Attika (Finnish), Attique (French), Ática [feminine] (Galician), Attika (German), Αττική (Attikí) [feminine] (Greek), אטיקה‎ (Atika) [feminine] (Hebrew), an Ataic [feminine] (Irish), Attica [feminine] (Italian), アッティカ (Attika) (Japanese), Attica [feminine] (Latin), Atika [feminine] (Latvian), Attyka [feminine] (Polish), Ática [feminine] (Portuguese), А́ттика (Áttika) [feminine] (Russian), Ática [feminine] (Spanish), Attika (Swedish), А́ттіка (Áttika) [feminine] (Ukrainian)
  2. A peninsula southeast of Athens, Greece. Translations (peninsula): Attikan niemimaa (Finnish), an Ataic [feminine] (Irish)
  3. A town in Indiana and in New York State, USA.
  4. The Attica Correctional Facility, scene of the Attica Prison riots
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