"maneirismo" meaning in All languages combined

Proper name [Portuguese]

IPA: /mɐ.ne(j).ˈɾiz.mu/ [Brazil], /mɐ.ne(j).ˈɾiʒ.mu/ [Carioca]
  1. Mannerism (art style and movement of the Renaissance) Tags: masculine Topics: art, arts Categories: Art
  2. a pre-Baroque literary trend sharing some similarities with it Tags: masculine Topics: literature, media, publishing Categories: Literature

Noun [Portuguese]

Forms: maneirismos [plural] IPA: /mɐ.ne(j).ˈɾiz.mu/ [Brazil], /mɐ.ne(j).ˈɾiʒ.mu/ [Carioca]
  1. influence in style Tags: masculine
  2. escape to the natural; exaggeration of artistic and literary material Tags: masculine
  3. usage of (generally eccentric) movements, gestures and expression associated with another person, often in a repetitive and imitative way Tags: masculine Topics: human-sciences, medicine, psychology, sciences Categories: Medicine, Psychology

Inflected forms

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