"çatmak" meaning in All languages combined

Verb [Turkish]

Forms: çatar [present, simple, singular, third-person]
  1. to stack, pile (arms); to prop (poles, etc.) together Tags: transitive
  2. to put up (a framework of poles or timbers) Tags: transitive
  3. to tie on (a cloth worn around the forehead) Tags: transitive
  4. to knit (one's brows) Tags: transitive
  5. to meet with, come up against, run up against (someone or something unpleasant) Tags: intransitive, with-dative
  6. to encounter, chance upon (someone) Tags: intransitive, with-dative
  7. to scold, berate Tags: intransitive
  8. to hit, bump Tags: intransitive
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Categories: Turkish verbs with aorist in -V²r Synonyms: birleştirmek, karışmak, karşılaşmak Related terms: çata, çatacak, çatan, çatar, çatı, çatıcı, çatık, çatılmak, çatınmak, çatış, çatışmak, çatma, çatmaz, çattık, çattırmak

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