"çözmek" meaning in All languages combined

Verb [Turkish]

Forms: çözer [present, simple, singular, third-person]
  1. to untie, unfasten, unbutton Tags: transitive
  2. to unravel, disentangle, undo Tags: transitive
  3. to solve, resolve, decipher, figure out, reason Tags: transitive
  4. to dissolve, thaw, defrost Tags: transitive
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Turkish verbs with aorist in -V²r Derived forms: çözüm, çözelti Related terms: çözdürmek, çözebilmek, çözememek, çözgü, çözme, çözmemek, çözmüş, çözücü, çözük, çözülmek, çözünmek, çözüş, çözüşmek

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