"most of all" meaning in English


  1. to a greater extent than anything else Tags: not-comparable Translations (to a greater extent than anything else): μάλιστα (málista) (Ancient Greek), allermest (Danish), meest van alles (Dutch), ennen kaikkea (Finnish), plus que tout (French), par-dessus tout (French), am allermeisten (German), πάνω απ' όλα (alt: páno ap' óla) (Greek), più di tutto (Italian), とりわけ (toriwake) (Japanese), 무엇보다도 (mueotbodado) (Korean), 最重要的 (zuì zhòngyào de) (Mandarin), aller mest (Norwegian Bokmål), aller mest (Norwegian Nynorsk), sobretudo (Portuguese), mais do que tudo (Portuguese), бо́льше всего́ (bólʹše vsevó) (Russian), бо́лее всего́ (bóleje vsevó) (Russian), maistly (Scots), sobre todo (Spanish)

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