"cure-all" meaning in English


Forms: cure-alls [plural] IPA: /ˈkjʊəɹɔːl/
  1. A panacea. Categories: English exocentric verb-noun compounds Synonyms: panacea (english: more common) Translations (panacea): համադարման (hamadarman) (Armenian), všelék [masculine] (Czech), yleislääke (Finnish), Allheilmittel [neuter] (German), csodaszer (Hungarian), toccasana [masculine] (Italian), panacea [feminine] (Italian), triaca [feminine] (Italian), panacea (Latin), 萬應靈藥 (Mandarin), 万应灵药 (wànyìnglíngyào) (Mandarin), 靈丹妙藥 (Mandarin), 灵丹妙药 (língdānmiàoyào) (Mandarin), panacea [feminine] (Spanish), curalotodo [masculine] (Spanish)

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