"Melissa" meaning in English

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IPA: /məˈlɪsə/ [US]
  1. Bee-nymph in Greek mythology. Tags: Greek Topics: human-sciences, mythology, sciences Categories: Greek deities
  2. A female given name from Ancient Greek. Popular in the latter half of the 20th century. Tags: feminine Categories: English female given names, English given names Translations (female given name): Meljisa [feminine] (Albanian), 梅麗莎 (Méilìshā) (Cantonese), ᎺᎵᏌ (english: melisa) (Cherokee), Melissa (Danish), Melissa (Finnish), Mélissa (French), Melissa (German), Μέλισσα (Mélissa) [feminine] (Greek), Maolíosa (Irish), Melissa (Italian), メリッサ (Merissa) (Japanese), 멜리사 (Mellisa) (Korean), 梅利莎 (Méilìshā) (Mandarin), ملیسا‎ (Melisâ) (Persian), Melissa [feminine] (Portuguese), Мелисса (english: Melissa) [feminine] (Russian), Мелиса [feminine] (Serbo-Croatian), Melisa [feminine] (Serbo-Croatian), Melissa (Swedish), เมลิสสา (Melis̄s̄ā) (Thai), Melisa (Turkish)
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Related terms: Melitta (alt: < μέλιττα (mélitta))

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