"training wheels" meaning in All languages combined

Noun [English]

  1. A pair of small wheels attached on either side of the rear wheel of a child's bicycle so that the bicycle is easier for the child to learn to ride. Tags: plural, plural-only
  2. Anything designed to make something easier for a novice. Tags: as training wheel, figuratively, plural, plural-only, singular, sometimes
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Bicycle parts, English pluralia tantum Synonyms (wheels on a bicycle): stabilisers [UK] Translations (pair of small wheels attached to a child's bicycle): støttehjul [plural] (Danish), apupyörät [plural] (Finnish), roulettes [plural] (French), Stützräder [plural] (German), גלגלי עזר‎ (galgaléj ʕézer) [plural] (Hebrew), kitámasztó pótkerék (Hungarian), támasztókerék (Hungarian), segédkerék (Hungarian), 補助輪 (hojorin) (alt: ほじょりん) (Japanese), по́мошни тр́кала (pómošni tŕkala) [plural] (Macedonian), 輔助輪 (Mandarin), 辅助轮 (fǔzhùlún) (Mandarin), boczne kółka [plural] (Polish), rodinha [feminine] (Portuguese), трениро́вочные колёса (treniróvočnyje koljósa) [plural] (Russian), ruedines [Spain] (Spanish), llantas de entrenamiento [Mexico] (Spanish), rueditas [Argentina] (Spanish), stödhjul [neuter] (Swedish)

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