"derrengada" meaning in Spanish


  1. Feminine singular past participle of derrengar. Tags: feminine, form-of, participle, past, singular Form of: derrengar Non-topical categories: Spanish forms of verbs ending in -ar, Spanish non-lemma forms, Spanish past participle forms, Spanish verb forms

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  "heads": [
      "1": "es",
      "2": "verb form",
      "template_name": "head"
  "lang": "Spanish",
  "lang_code": "es",
  "pos": "verb",
  "senses": [
      "form_of": [
          "word": "derrengar"
      "glosses": [
        "Feminine singular past participle of derrengar."
      "id": "derrengada-verb",
      "nontopical_categories": [
        "Spanish forms of verbs ending in -ar",
        "Spanish non-lemma forms",
        "Spanish past participle forms",
        "Spanish verb forms"
      "tags": [
  "word": "derrengada"

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