Manchu word senses marked with topical category "List of sets"

Subcategories: Alcoholic beverages, Atmospheric phenomena, Beverages, Body parts, Bones, Celestial bodies, Colors, Containers, Cutlery, Demonyms, Diseases, Distilled beverages, Drugs, Ethnonyms, Family members, Festivals, Foods, Holidays, Kitchenware, Languages, Letters, symbols, and punctuation, Light sources, Liquids, Machines, Metals, Months, Musical instruments, Names, Nationalities, Occupations, Organs, Periodic occurrences, Planets, Planets of the Solar System, Punctuation marks, Recreational drugs, Seafood, Seasons, Spices, Spices and herbs, String instruments, Symbols, Times of day, Tools, Vessels

Total 303 word senses

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