"tractor-trailer" meaning in All languages combined

Noun [English]

Forms: tractor-trailers [plural]
  1. A large truck consisting of an engine and cab section (the tractor) and a cargo-carrying semi-trailer or trailer. Wikipedia link: tractor-trailer Categories: English dvandva compounds, Vehicles Synonyms: tractor trailer, articulated lorry [UK], semi, eighteen-wheeler [US, Canada] Translations (large truck): ajoneuvoyhdistelmä (Finnish), Sattelzug [masculine] (German), Sattelschlepper [masculine] (German), Sattelzugmaschine mit Auflieger [feminine] (German), 貨物自動車 (kamotsu jidōsha) (alt: かもつじどうしゃ) (Japanese), се́дельный автомоби́льный по́езд (sédelʹnyj avtomobílʹnyj pójezd) [masculine] (Russian), фу́ра (fúra) [colloquial, feminine] (Russian), šleper (Serbo-Croatian), kamion s prikolicom (Serbo-Croatian)

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