"totum pro parte" meaning in All languages combined

Noun [Latin]

Forms: totum prō parte [canonical, singular], totī prō parte [genitive] IPA: /ˈto.tum proː ˈpar.te/ [Classical], [ˈt̪ɔt̪ʊ̃ˑ pɾoː ˈpäɾt̪ɛ] [Classical], /ˈto.tum pro ˈpar.te/ [Ecclesiastical], [ˈt̪ɔːt̪um prɔ ˈpɑrt̪ɛ] [Ecclesiastical]
  1. A type of metonymy in which an entity (person, object) is referred to by the whole for the part; e.g. "America" for the United States of America. Wikipedia link: totum pro parte Tags: second-declension Categories: Latin neuter nouns in the second declension, Latin singularia tantum Related terms: pars prō tōtō

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