"manicurist" meaning in All languages combined

Noun [English]

Forms: manicurists [plural]
  1. A person who performs manicures. Categories: Occupations, People Translations (manicurist): manikurista (Cebuano), manikyurista (Cebuano), manikér [masculine] (Czech), manikérka [feminine] (Czech), manikyristi (Finnish), manucure [feminine, masculine] (French), Handpfleger [masculine] (German), Handpflegerin [feminine] (German), Nagelpfleger [masculine] (German), Nagelpflegerin [feminine] (German), Manikürist [masculine] (German), Maniküristin [feminine] (German), Maniküre [feminine] (German), 指甲美化師 (Mandarin), 指甲美化师 (zhǐjiǎ měihuàshī) (Mandarin), 修甲師 (Mandarin), 修甲师 (xiūjiǎshī) (Mandarin), 指甲修剪師 (Mandarin), 指甲修剪师 (zhǐjiǎ xiūjiǎnshī) (Mandarin), manicure [feminine] (Portuguese), manicura [feminine] (Portuguese), manichiuristă [feminine] (Romanian), маникю́рша (manikjúrša) (alt: ♀) [feminine] (Russian), маникю́рщица (manikjúrščica) (alt: ♀) [feminine] (Russian), manikurista (Tagalog), namikälan (alt: ♂♀) (Volapük), namihikälan (alt: ♂) (Volapük), namijikälan (alt: ♀) (Volapük)

Inflected forms

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