"maneggiare" meaning in All languages combined

Verb [Italian]

Forms: maneggiàre [canonical], manéggio [first-person, present, singular], maneggiài [first-person, historic, past, singular], maneggiàto [participle, past], avere [auxiliary]
  1. to use with a technical purpose; to handle Tags: transitive
  2. to mould or sculpt Tags: transitive
  3. to master Tags: transitive
  4. to administer Tags: transitive
  5. to train (a horse for horseracing) Tags: transitive Topics: sports Categories: Sports
  6. to exploit (someone's) submissiveness or passivity Tags: rare, transitive
  7. to palpate (an animal for slaughter) to check the degree of fattening Tags: rare, transitive
The following are not (yet) sense-disambiguated
Categories: Italian verbs taking avere as auxiliary Derived forms: rimaneggiare Related terms: mano

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